Guiding Light: Yoga for your complete transformation

Times have been hard and stressful for the past few months. Even though the lockdown has mostly been lifted, nothing is normal anymore. Everything is new. How we work is new, how we study is new, how we meet and greet people is new, and so on. All of these adjustments can be stressful to process.

If you are somebody who over-thinks and stresses easily even over the simplest of things, you have to realise that you need to start working on yourself. Yoga is that form of physical exercise that helps you release a lot of your pent-up anxiety and tension.

Yoga is not only known to tone-up your body but also to make your skin look healthier. Since your body tends to release a lot of the daily build-up tension, the blood flow in your body improves. An improved blood flow, in turn, contributes a great deal in helping your skin breathe. When your skin breathes, it releases the trapped carbon-dioxide, giving a fresh supply of oxygen to your clogged pores. Literally, "letting your skin breathe"!

When your skin breathes, the congestion in your pores releases. When the congestion releases, your skin appears brighter. You will soon realise that a lot of your acne build-up (which is a major problem we face, irrespective of our genders and ages) is clearing out. With the ever-growing and ever-evolving studies of the benefits of yoga, these are only a few benefits of transforming your inner and outer self.

Yoga, overall, contributes to making you internally happy and sorted by releasing the stress and anxiety from your mind, body, and soul. Aligning the chakras of your mind, body, and soul. This, in turn, discharges toxins from your body helping in generating a positive flow of energy.

This positive energy vibrates through your body and penetrates into your skin opening the clogged pores of your skin.

A person exuberating positive energy is always desirable and makes things around him/her seem positive. And Yoga contributes a great deal in contributing to your overall wellness and maintaining positivity.

(The writer is renowned yoga guru and the founder of Sohan Yoga International)

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