Guiding Light: Water and its Power

-- Grand Master Akshar

The world is made up of 70% water and our bodies are two-thirds water making us water beings. Water is the nurturer of life and takes on so many forms, like oceans, rivers, rains, lakes and so much more. Because of its importance, we need to understand how to treat water and in what the way we should correctly use it.

Water is both gentle and mighty at the same time. It gives us life and also possesses the immense force to break through solid, gigantic mountains. It is no mean feat to be able to understand the magnitude and grand power of water. If you carefully observe water, you will start realising its many transformational energies. For instance, if you are fasting on a water-only diet, you will see in a few days how calm, relaxed and positive you feel. Water causes dynamic shifts within us – physically, mentally and spiritually. Water also has the power to destroy us when it is misused.

Therefore, we need to understand how to build a positive frequency with the element of water. Water is bigger than our existence, and whenever we get the opportunity to serve water, we should respect it. Treat water like you would money and treat it with deference. Keep water clean, use it judiciously and do not waste it. Water gives life, it can take any shape adapting to any situation and the most important of all it symbolizes purity.

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