Guiding Light: Spirituality and religion closely linked with healthy habits

World peace: Both religion, as well as spirituality, preach the same principles of creating a world that is peaceful and united. Both spirituality and religion across the world no matter which nation it belongs to have the same thing to say that can bring people of different ethnicities, colour, castes, and tribes together.

Healthy eating: Both spirituality and religion talk about the direct correlation between food and your thoughts. What you put into your body translates into the way that you think and process your thoughts. A sound body is equal to a sound mind and this is applicable when you consume a nutritious diet.

Building healthy habits: If you want to regulate your life then it is necessary for you to develop habits that are healthy in nature. Avoid harmful and toxic addictions and behaviours that can deter your progress. Instead of this try to choose wisely how you want to spend your valuable and precious time. By building healthy habits you can grow faster and reach your desired goals.

Stay connected to your goals:
Spirituality and religious practices help you to spend your time in prayers, affirmations, and other positive habits that keep you connected to your goals. When you remain free from distractions and focus on yourself and your growth then it becomes more possible for you to attain your goals and achieve your purpose.

Grow love: The objective of spirituality as well as religion is to promote the quality of love between people and nature that surrounds us. The emotion of love is the highest emotion and only through love will we be able to achieve greatness in this life. Love is the only pure emotion that can help to raise the vibration of mankind and help us move to a higher dimension.

(The author is a spiritual yogic master. Founder, chairman and course director of Akshar Yoga, and president of the World Yoga Organisation)

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