Guiding Light: Importance of patience in life

‘One moment of patience may ward off a great disaster and one moment of impatience may ruin a whole life’, this is a Chinese proverb that summarizes the importance of patience.

We all would have experienced that our well-wishers always suggest exhibiting patience when things are not going well for us. In today’s world when all of us are short on patience and get irritated on the minutest of the triggers, the importance of patience must be realised by every one of us.

In today’s time when we get irritated with the minutest of the triggers, we remain stressed all the time. Developing patience can greatly help us to overcome this self-induced stress. Patience helps in avoiding hasty decisions.

We all know that anger and stress have a negative impact on our well-being and health. We can avoid the ill effects of these two negative emotions using patience. Patience is the perfect antidote for these two illnesses causing emotions. Patience creates flexibility in us.

With flexibility comes the clarity of thought, which makes us more competent to make well-informed decisions. This in turns reduces stress and anger making us happier and healthier.

Patience helps us develop strong relationships. When we listen to people with patience, the other person feels wanted. We suspend all the judgement about people. We look for positives in people. Patience makes us better human beings. It helps us in accepting other people as they are.

With patience, we are not looking for modified versions of the people around us. We remain more empathic, more understanding and more forgiving towards others. This lays the foundation of a strong long-lasting relationship. It is an act of kindness.

Patience has a great role to play in our goals/ objectives being achieved. It makes us more resilient. Patience provides us with the required energy, strength, and zest to achieve our goals and objectives without feeling tired. It helps us maintain our energy to overcome all the challenges which come in the way of achieving our goals and objectives.

Patience is the tool that always helps us to remain focused irrespective of the challenges and road blocked faced by us in our journey of life. It helps us in reframing the situation when we feel overwhelmed by the challenges. Patience is needed when we are trying to achieve something big in life. Patience is a virtue we all must possess and cultivate.

Patience is an exercise of self-control. Patience is the most important while overcoming frustration. Patience paves the path to a happy and peaceful life for us.

(The writer is a Delhi based Master Coach and a Motivational Speaker)

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