Guiding Light: How to stay calm when things go wrong

Let me begin by asking a question. Have you had been in a situation that was strange and terrible, but turned out to be a false alarm? Odd things happen in life. Things going wrong is part and parcel of life. It is natural to feel frustrated and experience setbacks that require extra efforts or make us feel emotionally drained. However, in reality, setbacks don’t impact us in the long run significantly.

Sometimes you may feel that there is nothing right happening in your life. It seems the problems are never-ending; they’re going to last forever. Problem/ situation/ issue could be work-related family-related, or any other stressful situations, no problem last forever, a lifetime. You must constantly remind yourself, that things won’t be this bad forever. This shall too pass.

How do you remain calm? The simplest way is not to jump to a conclusion before you have adequate information. Do not panic. When things are going wrong, it’s difficult to look for what is happening right or good with us, around us. It is easy to ignore the good things and focus on the bad things. Remind yourself that some things are happening right. Look for the positive, howsoever small it may be. Learn to distinguish between a speed breaker and the end of the road.

The most important thing to remember is, you have little control of the current situation faced by you. If you think that there is nothing in your control, one thing you always have control of is your attitude and reaction/ response. Manage what you can control.

One of the best-suggested ways to deal with tough situations is to ask for help. If people are offering you help take it. Reach out to friends and family and ask them for help, whether it is physical, mental, financial, or emotional support.

Irrespective of how bad a situation is, it is certain that something good will come out of it. If nothing more at least you would have learned a life lesson. It also provides you with an opportunity to rectify the mistakes committed by you. Look for just one good thing that a thing gone wrong can bring for you.

One of the things to remember when things are going wrong for you is the way you have managed similar situations in the past. Please don’t ignore your past experiences in dealing with similar situations in the past. Remind yourself of all the problems you’ve overcome in the past. You’ll be able to deal with the current situation with confidence.

(The writer is a Delhi based Master Coach and a Motivational Speaker)

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