Guiding Light: Greed brings pain

-- Grand Master Akshar

We have the capability to provide for ourselves with anything that we want. Peace is one such quality that everyone in the world hankers after. Peace of mind can be defined as enjoying the state of bliss, happiness, and contentment. When we are at peace, we can perform at an optimal level which in turn assures of a positive outcome.

However, in pursuit of our desires, if we lose ourselves to greed, we will have lost peace of mind and that is everything. There are many ways in which we can create a life which gives us peace. But this peace cannot be gotten by material possessions, wealth, fame or fleeting rewards. We should seek peace which is self-sustaining, and eternal. If peace is attained by something that is temporal, then it is only a form of instant gratification which could send us back onto the path of greed. The opposite of greed is not lack of ambition but contentment. And when our inner nature or natural state is one of peace, then peace will prevail all around us too.

Greed can make our lives a living hell, and it is almost unavoidable in the world that celebrates desire. It may not be easy but we must eliminate this unquenchable thirst for the transient and fill ourselves with bliss. After all, happiness and love are what everyone truly enjoys having. This brings us to the question of how we can achieve this level of contentment. How can you build yourself to a state where you are peaceful with your energies? This is very important because it helps you to maintain an unruffled existence, and enjoy a peaceful coexistence with the environment around you.

As long as we compare ourselves to the outside world, we will remain a puppet to it reacting to it constantly. By turning the spotlight onto yourself, and your successes you can make life about you. Love that which you earn through your own efforts and do not envy what others have. Turn your attention towards enjoying the little things of every day. Only this will keep you away from greed allowing you great joy through the gift of peace and good health.

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