Guiding Light: Chhath Puja: Celebrating the Sun God

Chhath Puja is an ancient Indian Hindu festival that is celebrated to worship the God of Light (Sun). The word chhath means six. Thus, a six-day long ceremony is observed to honour and worship the Surya Bhagwan. The puja is performed to seek blessings from Surya Bhagwan to live longer and prosper in life. This auspicious festival falls around the months- October and November.

For ages, the Sun has been known to be the source of all energy. Today, even scientists concur with its validity. According to Hindu mythology and belief, the early sunlight helps to cure many diseases and is a great source of healing.

According to the Yogic Philosophy, one’s exterior and interior modulate the flow of heavy energy. This can be both positive and negative. While one performs yoga asanas or meditates, it regulates this flow of energy. Mostly, the yoga asanas and meditations are started-off by Surya Namaskaras that works on the similar philosophies of the Sun. This thus facilitates the solar-internal fusion of energies.

As for Chhath Puja, a similar idea is incorporated. The Surya Bhagwan worshippers and devotees fast. They believe in going on without taking any kind of solid or liquid diet. It is believed that through this process they can wholly and fully absorb the Sun’s energy in their bodies. This process includes standing in a river or a water body with half the body submerged in the water. This minimizes the leak of energy and helps the psychic energy (Prana) to flow up the psychic channel in the spine (Sushumna). The human body thus becomes a channel that recycles, conducts, and transmits the energy in the whole universe.

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