Guiding Light: Are our society’s values deteriorating?

According to learned saints and sages, in actual sense, it is humanity that differentiates a man from a demon or a devil. We all have experienced this in our lives that people with devilish traits or bad-sanskars are not only unhappy with themselves but they also make others unhappy leaving no stone unturned. Such people, in seeking their selfish ends, don’t care at all that their actions are hurting others and causing mental agony to them.

That is why it is said that ‘A demon does not know the value of honesty, faithfulness, obedience and civility, whereas, for a man, these are basic values’. Crudeness and wickedness are both combined in the temperament of a demon while man's disposition shows balance and discipline combined with sweetness. Thus honesty, faithfulness, integrity, civility and etiquette, discipline or self-control and balance of mind are human virtues that help to maintain stability, peace and love in human relations, thereby preventing troubles, quarrels and squabbles and consequent peace lessness in the world.

However, the scenario that we see today is very grim and worrying because the society is gripped tightly by devilish forces that force man to indulge in various kinds of anti-social, cruel and destructive activities, as a result of which he commits crimes, disrupts social life by resorting to sabotage and vandalism and destroys the peace of the community. Passions like lust, anger, avarice, attachment and arrogance would obviously lead a person to devilry, hence its quite obvious that a lust-ridden person would commit offences like eve-teasing & sexual assault, thereby violating social peace and order.

Similarly, a person swayed by anger carries its fire and smoke here, there and everywhere, inflicting mental pain and the resultant remorse on all around. Likewise, a person dominated by greed, attachment or arrogance is liable to commit similar acts. It may thus be said that humility and vicelessness are human values whereas self-conceit and other passions are devilish traits and as the best creation of God, it becomes mandatory for humans to possess these values or virtues. But what we practically see today is that owing to the disruption of these human values, the world has turned from heaven into hell and hence, by re-establishing of these values alone, can New Age be ushered into this world. So, let’s make a strong resolve to live our life strictly on principles laid down by Supreme & achieve our ultimate goal of becoming a Divine Being.

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