Creation and Evolution: NJ Reddy, founder of Yoga Prana Vidya

Creation and Evolution: NJ Reddy, founder of Yoga Prana Vidya

NJ ReddyUpdated: Friday, October 02, 2020, 02:44 PM IST

The creation and evolution are a continuous process. They are cyclical but evolutionary, continuous and properly directed. Creation is manifestation of the various kingdoms of nature and evolution is getting back towards the source. They are like two sides of the same coin. Creation and evolution are comparable to exhalation and inhalation respectively. From mathematical perspective, creation is differentiation and evolution is integration or Oneness.

The sound of creation is AUM. AUM has many purposes, it has both creation and evolution aspects. It is the vibration which encompasses all vibrations. Universe is undergoing this process of creation and evolution. The galaxies, the solar systems, different planets are all undergoing the course of exhalation and inhalation.

The Process of Manifestation and Return

If you look at many studies from various systems or scriptures, the process of physical manifestation starts from the mineral kingdom, moves to the plant kingdom, to the animal kingdom, progresses to the human kingdom and further to the super-human kingdom. So, in the involutionary arc, the creation or manifestation comes down to the mineral kingdom and then in the evolutionary arc rises up to the plant, animal and human kingdoms and proceeds even further. It is a continuous process.

You are on Mother Earth. The physical part of this Earth is mineral kingdom. Your physical body requires the support of the mineral kingdom. Therefore, this kingdom is essential. In the process of creation, as the mineral kingdom moves into the plant kingdom, manifestation persists in the mineral kingdom without forming a void. Accordingly, mineral evolves and steps into the plant kingdom, in turn the plant kingdom steps into the animal kingdom, the animal kingdom progresses to humanity and humans advance into the super-human kingdom. In other words, they finally emerge out of the physical manifestation.

This change of one kingdom to the next, in general, takes one chain period. As per our understanding from various studies and correlating them, the total time period of one chain is 1000 Maha Yugas. This is comparable to a day. There is a pralaya which occurs before the next chain period starts into manifestation. The duration of the pralaya is another 1000 Maha Yugas. This is like night. One Maha Yuga is one cycle of yugas, whose duration is 24,000 years (as per the Holy Science, by Sri Yukteshwar Giri). To understand more about chain period and our scheme of evolution, you may refer to our earlier article on Metta or Karuna Meditation.

Coming back to the mineral kingdom, if mineral steps into the plant kingdom in the evolutionary arc, something must form the new mineral kingdom. Otherwise, there will be no physical planet. So, in the involutionary arc, the third elemental kingdom, which was formed from the material of the emotional plane comes down to the mineral. In turn, the second elemental kingdom, which was formed from the material of the mental plane, steps down to the emotional plane and the first elemental kingdom, which was formed from the material of the causal or higher mental plane, moves down to the mental plane.

At the beginning of each new chain period, a new life wave enters as first elemental kingdom, in the causal plane. Correspondingly, a substantial part of humanity (about 40%), will become super-human and exit by the end of each chain period. Others, who don’t make it, will have to go through pralaya and into next the chain. This is how the process of creation and evolution is continuous without forming a void or emptiness in any kingdom. All kingdoms are simultaneously needed for the process.

Investment Reaps Profit

Everything that has manifested has to go back, but with development. When the farmer plants seeds, he expects the crop. When a businessman invests, he anticipates profit. Similarly, in the process of creation, the consciousness comes down and when it goes back up, it is evolved to a greater degree. Advancing from one kingdom to another kingdom is itself growth.

The consciousness is inactive (minimally active) in the mineral kingdom. Even in mineral, there is movement. In every atom there is a nucleus and there are electrons; it is analogous to a solar system. However, mineral appears to be in a dormant state. Mineral as a whole is not able to move, though there is movement within. This dormant mineral rises into the plant kingdom. The consciousness ascends in the plant kingdom. Plants grow using earth (mineral), air, water and sunlight. They support the higher kingdoms of animal and human. They further progress to the animal kingdom. Animals start moving, crawling, walking, and also feeling. Now, the consciousness develops and moves forward to the human kingdom and starts to think. The word ‘man’ means thinker. How much you think depends on how much you use your discernment or viveka.

Understanding the Law of Karma

In the present times, people are thinking of how to optimize the effort for themselves and how to gain for themselves? They are not understanding the Divine Law of Cause and Effect which states that it is in giving that you receive.

When somebody gives you something, you become happy. But when you share something, it gives you joy. That joy cannot come in receiving; you experience it only in giving. Being a channel for the Divine or to address the need of the other person makes you joyful. It is not what you want to give, you must give what is needed. Focus your energies to address the need. Thinking faculty must be sharpened.

Once, Bishop Leadbeater had used the term “cultured intelligent layman”. He used the word “layman”, as the person had not understood the Law of Cause and Effect. Everything is happening according to this law. For example, if you eat something inappropriate or spoilt food, you may have some problem with digestion. That’s cause and effect.

Therefore, in order to experience love, you must express love. It becomes your nature to give. If you use your capabilities in manifesting goodness by helping others, you become automatically peaceful.

When you are not happy, you become critical at other people. It may be because you are not sharing or giving, you are not using your heart or you are not manifesting your capabilities. Also, whenever you waste time in wrong pursuits, you cannot experience happiness or peace. Peace comes only when you do service, when you share, give or address the need of the other person.

At this point of time, one of the most important ways that you can address the need of the hour, is to align with a group, even if online, and bless the Earth. Where there is sadness, you channelize joy. Energy follows thought.

You cannot do anything properly without thinking constructively. Human being is a thinker, but think a little further, use discernment to understand the causes. Validate! You can learn from the people around. They are undergoing different kinds of difficulties and vicissitudes. Do not look down on them, instead look at them to understand the causes. Learn from them. You too have gone through certain vicissitudes in your life. Understand what were the causes.

Negative Thought is Not Supported by the Divine

How much human you are, depends on your positive thinking. You have some positive as well as some negative thoughts. Good news is that your pessimistic and negative thinking has a limited effect. This is because it is not supported by the higher. It is limited to the energy of your personality, i.e., your mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. There is no energy from the Divine to strengthen it.

On the contrary, with positive thoughts, you become a channel for positive thinking. It is not limited to your vehicles; you are supported by the Divine. Thus, a positive thought is hundred or even thousand times or more powerful than a pessimistic, negative thought.

Let us create a group and channel positive energies to Earth and our environment to transform and impregnate them with peace, happiness and hope. In a group, the effect is exponential.

Learning the Lesson

The soul undergoes trials and tests. In the process, it improves and becomes a greater soul, a Mahatma. All are in this process of development. Those who have already become grander instruments for the Divine, help others to transform.

An intelligent man learns from his mistakes. Which means he ultimately practices discernment and understands the causes. Nevertheless, a wise man learns and understands from others mistakes. And a wiser man imbibes the greater qualities from people around him. Everyone has some qualities or skills better than others. There is something to learn from everyone that you interact with. Everyone has developed to a certain level through many incarnations. Every quality has been acquired with great effort. You can imbibe these qualities from others by recognizing and respecting the divinity in them.

The Divine Plan for Earth

It is inevitable that the human kingdom advances to the super-human kingdom. This is the Divine plan for Earth, for the Spiritual Evolution of planet Earth. Right now, the immediate target in this larger and magnificent plan is to have people come to a higher emotional state.

We are right now moving from lower emotion to lower mind. In between is the higher emotional state (in the planes of manifestation, to move from the lower emotional planes to the mental planes, you have to pass through the higher emotional planes). There is a great opportunity to give and share. In the process, you shall receive. The heart energy center is the center for giving. By activating this center, your ability to empathize, share and nurture increases.

Bringing peace on Earth does not mean everybody becomes a Paramahansa. It only requires everyone to rise to a higher emotional state. Then, the joy of giving is understood. Also, the Law of Cause and Effect is understood, that it is in blessing, you are blessed; it is in healing that you get healed; by sharing knowledge, you can comprehend deeper wisdom. Share the knowledge with those who are ready and willing to learn.

Everything in manifestation is connected with the Law of Cause and Effect. In order to transcend this, you have to transcend the personality, i.e., mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. At that stage, you contribute while not expecting anything in return; you help because it is a right thing to do. In any case you will receive. But your motive is elevated. You attend to a person in need in various ways possible. You look upon how to contribute or uplift everyone you come across. Dr. Abdul Kalam would look at anyone who came to him, and checked how he could contribute to him and extended help accordingly.

Dr. Abdul Kalam had exclaimed, “Aim high, aiming low is a crime!” You are given an opportunity. You have this body, family, friends, food, water, shelter, etc. You are supported by many, in the process of your learning, development, for comfort and to accomplish your purposes. You are born to manifest your greatness. Human kingdom must use discernment and validate. You must optimally utilize and continue to upgrade your capabilities. That is mature type of honesty.

In the process of extending down into manifestation, you have come to denser and denser planes which are restrictive. You have come here by choice in order to evolve, to go through trials and tests to learn. Please understand that you are in the process of evolution. If you do not learn and move at the pace you are expected to progress, you will get into more vicissitudes. So, utilize this opportunity on Earth to improve, transform, develop, advance and upgrade. In the process, help others uplift and inspire them to do the same.

You may join our live group sessions for channelizing Divine energies to your environment and the entire mother Earth for transformative effect, especially, in these difficult times. We practice loving kindness meditations, like, Planetary Peace Meditation, Metta meditation and also Great Invocation prayer to bless Mother Earth in our daily sessions.

These live sessions are now extended up to 31st October2020 @ Timings: Morning 7.15 AM, Afternoon 1.00 PM, Evening 6.30 PM.

You may also try the YPV Sadhana app which is available for free in various languages. It has guided tracks for physical and breathing exercises, Forgiveness Sadhana and Planetary Peace Meditation. These techniques also boost and sustain your immune system.


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