Mansukh Hiran Murder Case: Police got ‘Aadhaar’ from city bar girl to trace Gor’s address

A Mumbai-based bar girl's information had helped the investigators reach the perpetrators of Mansukh Hiran's murder. The police had come across dump data of calls made to Hiran and a suspicious number of a Gujarat-based man had come under their scanner.

The Gujarat-based man informed that bookie Naresh Gor had taken a dozen SIM cards from him. One of the SIM cards was being used by a bar girl in Mumbai, who was close to Gor. The investigators then grilled her and she informed them that Gor used to use his Aadhaar card while meeting her at a hotel. The police then got details of Gor's Aadhaar card and traced his address through it.

According to the sources, when Hiran was found dead in a creek near Mumbra on February 5, the police immediately started using technical intelligence to get clues of suspects. The police found out that Hiran was using the WiFi of his house and then the police got information about the possible calls made using the internet in the area where Hiran stayed.

After scrutinising at least 9,000 users, the police came across a suspicious number which was used to make a WhatsApp call to Hiran on February 4.

"The said number was procured by a businessman in Gujarat. We then questioned the said person who told us that one Naresh Gor had taken 14 SIM cards from him. We found that one of the SIM cards taken by Gor was active and being used by a bar girl. We questioned the bar girl, who informed us that Gor communicated with her on the said SIM card,” said a police officer.

The officer said that the bar girl did not know where Gor lived, but she informed us that Gor used to provide his Aadhaar card details as identity proof whenever they used to meet at a hotel in western suburbs. “We then made enquiries at the hotel and got details of Gor's residence from his Aadhar card. This is how we got our first breakthrough in Hiran's murder case," said a police officer.

According to the sources, through convicted police constable and accused Vinayak Shinde, suspended assistant police inspector Sachin Vaze had come into contact with a person who runs a club in South Mumbai. This club was frequented by gamblers and bookies.

"Vaze had informed the club owner and Shinde if they could arrange a few SIM cards for him. Bookie Naresh Gor, who used to visit the said club then came in their contact and had agreed to get five SIM cards for Vaze and arranged the same," said a police source.

Sources claimed that Vinayak Shinde was roped in the plan to dispose of Hiran's body at the creek. He was aware how Hiran was murdered and who all apart from Vaze were involved in the crime.

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