30% drop in active Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra

Mumbai: In what comes as a silver lining, the state has recorded a 30% drop in the number of active Covid cases in the last 11 days. According to the statistics, there were 2,30,681 active cases until June 1, which dropped further to 1,61,704 till June 11. State officials have attributed this drop in cases to a number of factors like implementation of restrictions and Breaking The Chain mission. These, officials said, have played a vital role in bringing down the number of cases. Moreover, in the last one week, the daily cases in the state have been below 15,000. This is expected to drop further by next week.

Dr. Pradeep Awate, state surveillance officer, said that in the last few days, more patients have recovered. “The decision of lockdown in the state was taken at the right time; else the situation would have been different. We have taken several efforts to curb cases from rising, which includes increasing Covid testing, contact tracing and treatment. We will continue to follow this. Earlier, there were more than 60,000 cases, but now the number of new infected people is below 15,000,” he said.

Meanwhile, a senior official from state health dept said that though they have yielded good results in controlling the number of active cases in the state, they will not compromise on the Covid care facilities and safety measures.

“We will maintain the same level of preparedness as before. The same level of oxygen supply, bed capacity, medicines and medical staff will be made available. The state needs to be prepared for any type of a surge in cases in the future. Moreover, the daily cases have also reduced as compared to the cases reported in the last four months,” he said.

The drop in active cases has been reported when the state is predicting another wave in July. “We have been augmenting our health infrastructure to be prepared to take up the additional burden of cases in case of a spike. The current dip in active cases has helped ease the burden on the health machinery,” the official said.

Meanwhile, health experts attributed this to a better recovery rate in the city and reconciliation of cases due to which numbers had increased in the past. “The state's recovery rate is 95%, which is better as compared to other states in the country. Also, mobility has increased and transmission of virus has dropped. This is a good sign, but this has to be maintained until we report extremely less cases across the state,” said a public health expert.

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