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Traditional media—print and visual—can be sustained on the basis of credibility only. Like these two important mediums, social media too has a special place among people and it also help strengthening democracy. These views were expressed by Makhanlal Chaturvedi Journalism and Mass Communication University (Bhopal)’s faculty member Sanjay Dwivedi while delivering the key-note address on “Web Journalism, Social Media and Hindi”. This was part of 2-day national research symposium organised by Vikram University’s School of Studies in Hindi recently.

Referring to the era of liberalisation, Dwivedi said a lot of fund was flushed in the society, market and media which created a neo-middle class which finally gave birth to the web world. “In fact, everything from way of communication, way of living, dress-up, etc, changed since 1991 and all these have transformed our country into new India,” he elaborated.

Dwivedi further said that Hindi news papers have started using English words as their dictionary has got limited to 400-500 words. As younger generation does not like to read news papers, communicators should not remain in any type of over-confidence that they are the flag-bearers of giving information, education and entertainment to the society, he added.

He observed that the time has come when society as a whole should try to control various means of media so that the growing trends of their misuse can be checked effectively. This is also essential for maintaining discipline of language, literature and the life as well. Although dangers of expression have increased manifold, still the need is of media convergence, he concluded.

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