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Tie-dye and fly print is latest trend

Tie-dye print is the latest trend taking the fashion world by storm and it is time we find out how to wear it with aplomb, writes SAPNA SARFARE

Fashion trends seem to change every time you say ‘Holy Guacamole’. The latest making waves is the tie-dye trend with brands like Chloe and Paco Rabbane, Prada, Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein including it in their latest collections. But you cannot wear it unless know how to wear it in style.

Natasha Tate, who is a stylist at prominent fashion website LimeRoad, feels the tie-dye trend occupies a special space when it comes to talking about throwback trends. “It brings shoppers back to simpler times—summer camp, arts and crafts, pure unadulterated fun.

And sometimes dressing like you did in your happiest memories can feel comforting. This kind of dyeing creates original, geometric and absolutely unpredictable and random images on the cloth, which depends on the different combination of water and pigments.”  

She recalls it being rediscovered and reworked in the ’60s and ’70s, especially in the USA and by the hippies. “The possibility to create colourful and free clothes reflects perfectly their lifestyle. For the SS’19 season tie-dye is back stronger than ever, polished and refined.

At Comme des Garçons, it colours ‘wrinkled’ pants and jackets, at Cerruti it covers summery bomber jackets and shorts, at Alyx it dyes T-shirts paired with snake printed pants, while at M1992 it turns almost into a pattern for men suits. But it’s definitely at Louis Vuitton that tie-dye steals the show. Virgil Abloh puts it on jackets, see-through shirts, wide pants and a short, proving it’s a pattern proper for every season.”

Nidhi Yadav, Creative Head & Founder, AKS Clothings, finds the street style tie-dye (Bandhani) gives any attire a flavour of playful art. “Not long back, this playful print was banished from the market but it has made a commendable comeback.


Young ladies who want to pull off a simple yet candid look without grabbing much attention are lately seen sporting multi-coloured splotches, rainbow swirls, and other crafty tie-dye prints. Earlier, only saris, odhnis, and turbans were tie-dyed. In jeans, slip dresses, tank tops, shirts, saris, and kurtis—tie- dyes make every outfit a distinctive staple.

Only recently, Katrina Kaif, B-town diva was spotted wearing printed red tie-dye top with blue denim, which looked classy and totally imbibed with summer vibes.”

Of course, you need to know how to wear it without looking like a clown. Nidhi considers tie-dye clothes a big hit. “On formal occasions, a classic tee or shirt with subdued tie-dye effect of wavy stripes, random patterns, or even florals (preferably combo of subtle colours) paired with palazzo plants or jeans or pencil skirts will be simple enough to gather compliments from all.

To rock that beachy chic look on an evening date or at a casual catch up with old friends, don a tie-dyed wrap dress in edgy hues of pale green and accessorise it with dark glasses and gladiators. For a more dapper style, draw inspiration from the American fashion model, Gigi Hadid who left us drooling over her tie-dye jacket in the bright colours of orange, pink and black underneath which she wore a white camisole.”


Natasha finds streamlined colour palettes, tighter lines, and strategic placement in terms of tie-dye prints mature, carefree, and different. “Comfy, cool, and easy, a tie-dye dress screams effortlessly chic perfect for your street style. Team the colour of your bag and shoes with the colour of your prints for a coordinated look.

The shock of blue makes it such a standout. Just go for the easy silhouette and flattering neckline. If you feel risky in the tie-dye dress, start with simple and dark coloured tops, especially in black and white, that feel more like graphic stripes than hippy tie-dye. Simply pair a tie-dye top with skinny jeans and a pair of classic pumps perfect for your work. If you feel a bit bolder on your street looks, then go for bold hues of tie-dye tops to spice up your white denim shorts.”

She thinks this print is breezy, carefree, and wild and livens up your simple street looks. “If not a fan of techno or electro vibe, then simply opt for tie-dye shorts in subtle colour and low contrast. Wearing your pastel blue tie-dye shorts with a white button-down blouse and pastel blazer can turn the wild print into a chic one.

To stand out at a formal party, opt for a tie-dye skirt made from silk and pair it with your elegant top. Indeed, the tie-dye trend can take you from casual street styles to formal evening parties making your looks statement-making and fashion-forward. Even the simplest tie-dye shirt can be a little wild. And as with any all-over pattern, you want to keep the rest of your clothes very basic. You can up the style quotient with a pair of black jeans and Chelsea boots.”

And yes it is possible to accessorise using the tie-dye method. Natasha finds the trend becoming bolder than before. “One of the easiest ways to avoid looking too retro is by staying away from multi-coloured tie-dyed items.

A pair of eye-catching tie-dye heels is an unexpected way to wear the patchwork design on blazer trend; it doesn’t look like your traditional tie-dyed piece of clothing. You can really make a simple solid dress pop with a few tie-dyed accessories. A water coloured clutch and espadrille combination packs a punch but doesn’t overpower your look. Wear the tie-dye scarf as a head or hair accessory and style it with the dress. Make sure to work your styling trick perfectly.


Belt your dress with the tie-dye scarf and complement a solid colour dress. You can also tie a silk square around your wrist and knot it into a ribbon, or simply let it hang by the crook of your arm like a handbag. Tie-dye beanies took over the SS’19 catwalk to blast out the beachwear look.”

As per Nidhi’s suggestions, tie-dye scrunchies, Boho headbands, silk scarves, baseball caps and hats are some stylish accoutrements to complete every trendy garb. “The trend of tie-dye shoes, heels, handbags, and even nail art has been making waves in the fashion world.”

While the trend is in style, one can always reinvent tie-dye in everyday life even after it is out of fashion. Natasha calls tie-dye a trend with very specific identity. “But it’s still evolving, especially as certain designers have reinvented and reimagined. Reinvent your spotted clothes and turn them into cool, playful and fun items by using the tie-dye trick. It is the best way to re-use your clothes in everyday life be it a trend or not.”

Nidhi has simple suggestions to make. Anything in your wardrobe can be turned into something exciting. “All you must know is the DIY-formula or tie-dye or let someone else do it for you. Tie the bunch of fabrics with threads and dye only the exposed areas which would make no pieces look alike. After all, it’s all about the individuality.

If you don’t have to go into much trouble and already have tie-dye clothing, the best you can do is carry it in different ways. A long or oversized shirt can be worn as a shirt dress with a hippie waist belt. A kurti can be worn with faded denim shorts and high boots. One can drape years-old Bandhani sari as a wrap dress. The best thing about tie-dye is this only—there are countless ways to play with it and every end-result is a showstopper.”

Who can tie you down now? Just go with the tie-dye fashion flow and shine with ease.

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