Hot lips, missing wine and more by Marcellus Baptista

Aare samba!

Next year’s carnival came to town early. Well, that’s what it seemed as the gorgeous girls danced their way into Boteco at BKC. It was the Sunday Samba at this Brazilian restaurant in BKC and there was a sizzle at sundown with the girls dancing their way into your life. Guests happily joined them on the floor, trying to match their samba steps as a DJ and percussionist stepped up the tempo. The spirits were on at the bar with Caipirinha and other drinks along with Brazilian snacks and grills. It was truly a carnival feel of Rio de Janeiro.  And guests were happy to interact with Boteco’s very own Brazilian chef, the friendly Guto Souza.

Hot lips, missing wine and more by Marcellus Baptista

Whine over wine!

There have been quite a few wine events around town. That’s fine but the whine is that there is not enough wine. We are not talking about the stocks at the hosts’ disposal but the amount poured in the glass at the masterclass or wine tasting soiree. We can understand not pouring a generous amount as you are supposed to try many different wines. But sometimes the amount is so miniscule that one needs a magnifying glass to spot it! How does one swirl, nose and taste a centimetre high of wine? It is difficult to gauge the distinct aromas, flavours and taste factors with such a small sip. Of course, the ones not complaining are those who go through the wine exercise and then go someplace else for their whisky-soda!

Hot lips, missing wine and more by Marcellus Baptista

Sound sensation

Mansion Bar & Lounge in Mulund has turned into quite a hotspot for its New Sound and No Request evenings that has helped launch many aspiring artists. The latest No Request Bollywood night saw DJ Donnaa in action along with DJ contest winners Kevin, Bassmonk and Slow Flow who were judged by DJ Nik who also played. There was also the No Request Rap Battle finalists Radius and Mehraj who will get a chance to battle it out one final time with the other finalists. The winner gets to cut a music track with singer Shibani Kashyap and music producer Ishq Bector. The New Sound underground music event saw DJ contest winners K-OS and Dhruvil Shah play with artists Nisha Haraale, Ayesha Pramanik, Ajna and DJ contest judge Aban Shetty. Sonic Nirvana launched his remix and played a live set, too.

Hot lips, missing wine and more by Marcellus Baptista

Glass act

Yes, you can book a table for one at Botticino, the Italian restaurant at Trident BKC. But, if you wish, you can not be all alone. We are not talking about sharing a table with a perfect stranger. Rather, the hotel is kind enough to bring a totally unexpected visitor to your table. We are talking about the exotic fish species that they bring in a glass bowl. You can decline their kind offer, but we notice that most solo diners welcome this arrival. The fish come with exotic names and dart and dance about in their world of water. He/she is oblivious to you as you eat and drink to your heart’s content. But it is a soothing sight for the diner who has company and yet does not have to make polite conversation!

Hot lips, missing wine and more by Marcellus Baptista

French connection

The terrace of the Chambers of the Taj Mahal Palace was the wonderful venue for Atout France to present the French Ambassador’s Travel Awards 2019, this time getting an added impetus with the collaboration of the Reunion Island Tourism Board. The objective behind the awards is to recognise and reward travel agents across India for their exemplary efforts in showcasing France as a travel destination and includes an award for a journalist who has essayed a versatile presentation of destination France. For the first time this year, there was a new category of awards that rewarded the best showcase of France’s overseas departments. Ably anchored by Suchitra Pillai, the award night included live music by the JF Gang from Reunion Island, luxury drinks and a delightful dinner.

Hot lips, missing wine and more by Marcellus Baptista

Hot lips

On the beauty front, actor Fatima Sana Shaikh made her presence felt at Sea Princess as she endorsed the sleek new range of lip colours from 25o2, the online marketplace for cosmetics. You heard that 25o2 is the brainchild of professional makeup artist Hina Antule whose aim is to encourage people to be more experimental and open to makeup. The new line features seven lipsticks and promises colours that complement all Indian skin tones. They come with exotic names and Fatima Sana Shaikh’s favourite is Sherni with just the right blend of masti and glamour that she likes to bring to any occasion!

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