Updated on: Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 10:39 PM IST

Guiding Light: Modern World and the Spirituality

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What describes modern or ancient? What is considered modern to today’s living becomes antiquated with time, and termed ‘old-fashioned’ some 20 years from now. Similarly, that which was modern in the past was overtaken by both time and innovation of technology. Modern is nothing but the contemporary world in which we live, up-to-date and state of art as per science’s progress in this era.

Modernity could simply mean keeping up with the changes of time without lagging behind. In the midst of all these changing timelines, one thing has remained constant. Like a rock, spirituality has withstood the test of time by staying solidly relevant regardless of the date on the calendar. Time, places and circumstances cause no negative impact on spirituality. Everything about it has remained just the same.

We all grow and evolve with time. There certainly will be a difference in the way people took to spirituality 50-years-ago and how it happens now. Yet, it is not spirituality that has changed. Circumstances are different, mind-sets differ and the laws governing societies and families will influence man’s relationship with spirituality. Our needs and approach to life have experienced a sea of change. So, therefore, maybe our approach to spirituality has seen a paradigm shift. The methodology will be different but the subject matter sees no change simply because time has shifted.

Times may change but spirituality does not. Our contemporary lifestyles have affected the manner in which we travel. The vehicles used now differ, and the journeys vary greatly due to many external variables. Still, the destination remains unchanged, as do its benefits. Likewise, perhaps there is a difference in the modes adopted to approach spirituality from then to now, but the destination is still spirituality.

At present, we may not have the luxury of seclusion, even if we did, the number of secluded places available have dwindled. But, this does not mean that spirituality is not for the modern man. An eternal truth, spirituality exists as an answer to many of life’s greatest questions. Become a seeker through sincere practice to receive access to the secrets of the universe and beyond. In fact, spirituality caters to all of mankind’s needs and is available right here. It is just how we see it and apply it to our lives that matters.

— By Shiv Rajvanshi

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Published on: Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 10:39 PM IST