Doc Destiny: The number of Mercury

Today’s date being February 5, in today's column, we will discuss the significance and importance of Number 5 and the unique qualities, characteristics of people who have an association with this number. Individuals who are born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month have a huge influence of number 5 in their lives.

The ruling planet of Number 5 is Mercury, which is termed as the planet of wisdom. Number 5 is ruled by both, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. Number 5 denotes the five elements of nature and the five senses. Since number 5 comes in the middle of Number 1 to 9, therefore people who are influenced by number 5 become mediators, messengers and bring balance to relationships. Number 5 is very favourable when it comes to business. It plays a primary role in trading and public relations.

Number 5 people have an impressive personality and have attractive features. Such individuals are punctual, accurate, honest, transparent, open-minded, talented, fearless, adventurous, risk-takers, co-operative in nature, practical, flexible and energetic.

People who have an association number 5 lead a distinguished life. They are born with dynamic (rajas) qualities, but often look down upon other people as sluggish or foolish. They are quick learners and understand even intricate things at lightning speed. Their ideas and suggestions are always ahead of their time. They come with solutions faster as compared to others.

They make friends easily and quickly. They can be very eloquent and open, they mostly don’t hide anything, especially from loved ones and family. They are of the opinion that anything can be achieved easily. No matter how big the problem or how to grave the situation, they will not have the slightest fear or hesitation, as they can be very adaptable and confident.

They always want to dare or try something, which is considered impossible by others. They are always unconventional and open to new ideas. They can bring about major changes and social reforms. They work hard and reach higher positions. They love to travel a lot. They love flattery and if somebody compliments them for the qualities which they do not possess, they will readily believe that person. They can never say `No’ to anyone and hence they are more likely to get used or fooled by others. Disappointments and problems never affect them. Their ability to think ahead & their doggedness help them not to get bogged down in the present but to surge forward with renewed hope.

Number 5 people should develop their self-confidence and must realise that today’s failure will be a stepping stone to tomorrow’s success. They act as dictated by their emotions. They must go ahead with what their intuition tells them. They must go ahead even when others are not in tune with their line of thinking. These people have been blessed with universal intelligence. They must act according to their intuition.

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