SAHAJA YOGA is Simple and your Spirit is your Shrine

“You have to just accept your Self, that’s all. Sahaja Yoga is as simple as that. You ask a simple question before me: ‘Mother, am I the spirit, am I my own teacher?’ You are your own teacher, but you have to get Realization first.

Before that, the Mother is your teacher, but once you get your Realization, you are your own teacher. Now what I do is to conceive you in my heart and give you immaculate birth through your Sahasrara. What sins can you commit compared to the ocean of love of God? I am talking of the ocean of love. So be kind to yourself if the light has to come in you, Be kind to yourself. You are the shrine of the Spirit.”

“Now if the Kundalini has been stopped by a certain Chakra, which is not working, you shouldn’t get frustrated about it. Supposing your instrument or your car has stopped on the way, what’s the use of getting frustrated with it? You have to learn the mechanism; you have to be a good technician and then you can manage it very well.

So all the techniques of Sahaja Yoga must be learned and mastered. This you can only do by giving it to others and learning from correcting them and correcting yourself. There is nothing to be frustrated – that’s the worst thing. If you get frustrated and unhappy with yourself, then there is going to be a problem.

You have to laugh at yourself and laugh at your mechanism that is out of gear. When you start identifying yourself even with the instrument, then you are not there. You are not the Chakra, you are not the different Channels, and You are the power. You are the Kundalini”.

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