An influential person performs pind-daan under the administrative cover in Ujjain on Sunday
An influential person performs pind-daan under the administrative cover in Ujjain on Sunday
Photo courtesy Shri Kshetra Panda Samiti

Ujjain: The Karmkaandi (practicing) Brahmin community opened a front against the district administration as well as the influential persons on Sunday.

They expressed deep annoyance over the partisanship of the administration for allowing the so-called VVIPS to perform post funeral rituals of their kin on the ghats of the Kshipra but not allowing the commoners to performthese rituals under the pretext of Janta Curfew.

Pt Rajesh Trivedi, president of Shri Kshetra Panda Committee, said that the administration has imposed a lockdown in the district since April 9 due to surge in corona cases amid second wave of corona.

Under the lockdown the administration has banned the post-death karm vidhan is banned on the Kshipra Ghats. However, some Tirtha Purohits continue to perform the rituals during the lockdown, alleged Brahmins. The administration continues to facilitate VIPs to perform rituals including pind-daan in the ghat area, so it should also extend the same favours to the commoners.

Pt Trivedi alleged that the hypocrisy of the administration came to light on Sunday. On one side there was a ban on the ghat, on the other hand, family of a VIP performed certain rituals under the full cover of security in the ghat area.

Shri Kshetra Panda Committee decided that if VIP are allowed to perform worship then Ram Ghat and Siddhvat ghats in the ghat kshetra should be opened for commoners subject to complaince with the corona guidelines.

Pt Sohan Bhatt, Pt Mahendra Shastri, Pt Manish Dibbawala, Pt Sanjay Joshi Kundwala, Pt Akhilesh Choubey Hathiwala, Pt Dharmesh Hada, Pt Jitendra Joshi, Pt Umesh Bhatt, Pt Sriwardhan Shastri, Pt Rishi Pandya, Pt Deepak Pandey, Pt Sonu Dubey, Pt Sonu Talwarwala, Pt Uttam Dubey, Pt Manoj Dubey and Pt Mukesh Joshi Riddhi-Siddhiwala supported the demand.

Akhil Bharatiya Brahmin Samaj head Pt Surendra Chaturvedi said, due to the prevailing confusion whether a deceased has died of corona or not- the believers of Hindu Sanatan Dharma are not able to perform the last rites of their kin.

Post funeral rituals like the last Uttara programme of a deceased including pind daan and bone immersion are also not allowed by the government and the district administration and the District Crisis Management Group.

If there is a death in the family of senior officers of the government, then Brahmins, Tirtha Purohit are obliged to perform the immersion of their bodies and the district administration and police administration also make arrangements for it, but this show of double standards by babus is hurting the collective conscious of the Hindus and it will not work from now onwards, he warned.

Many pilgrims are also coming after taking due permission from the government officials from outside states. However, police mete out criminal like treatment to Brahmin Tirtha Purohits, who perform a pooja for such pilgrims.

The Brahmin community will not tolerate this insult to the Brahmins and to the revered people, warned Pt Chaturvedi.

Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee’s ex-secretary Pt Yogesh Sharma Chunnu said that the police entered the houses of Pandas in Kartik Chowk and behaved rudely with them while verifying whether they were performing worship inside their houses.

We want to tell the administration that worshiping for the death of the any person is an essential part of Brahmin’s life and religion. While condemning the said incident, Pt Sharma said that the administration’s attention is not on the big grocery shops which are opening till late against the rules in connivance of the concerned staff but it is surely focusing on hurting the sentiments of Hindus.

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