Indore: The number of patients suffering from asthma and allergic disorders has increased in last few days, thanks to constant fluctuation in weather. Experts believe that those smoking or having lung disorder face more trouble due to temperature fluctuation and are prone to asthma and other respiratory disorders.

“Weather fluctuation creates favourable condition for viruses, which are responsible for respiratory problems including H1N1,” pulmonologist Dr Pramod Jhawar said. He said number of patients suffering from asthma has been increased at least by 20% in last five years. There are many reasons for rise in patients including active smoking, second hand or passive smoking, pollution, dust mites, pollens and animal fur.

Talking about statistics, he said 300 million people are suffering from the disease worldwide and the number is about 18 million in India. “There is no official registration for asthma patients in our country. In Indore, two lakh people suffer from the disease including 3% adults and 15% children,” he added.

He said there is threat from second hand or passive smoking as well. “But third hand smoking, that is, inhaling the smoke or ashes particles that stick on clothes of a smoker and inhaled by children or his loved ones can also trigger asthma,” Dr Jhawar said adding, “We cannot prove it but studies have proved that third hand smoking can also cause asthma.”

Sedentary lifestyle responsible                                                                                                                                                                      Sedentary lifestyle prevents people from walking. The inactive lifestyle and dependency of vehicles also cause asthma as absence of exercise weakens lungs.

Advanced treatment                                                                                                                                                                                       About 4% of patients are suffering from untreatable asthma. But with advancement in treatment, targeted medicines are available to treat it.

Tips to prevent asthma                                                                                                                                                                                    Regular morning walk  Quit smoking, which can prevent those suffering from second and third hand smoking Try pranayam and other yoga aasan  Do not spread dust while dusting but wipe it  Avoid use of mosquito coil Avoid shaking hands and practise Namaste instead