JEE aspirants coming out of exam centres.
JEE aspirants coming out of exam centres.
Photo by Pintu Namdev.

Indore: More than 2,000 students in Indore attempted Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main seeking admission in IITs, IIITs, GFTIs, and other top technical institutes in the country on Thursday. A total of 1 lakh candidates appeared for the examination in slot 1 across the country.

Reports from experts suggest that the paper was moderately difficult with Mathematics continuing to be the toughest of the three.

As for the cut off, many students have reported a good attempt of about 40 to 50 questions with 85 per cent accuracy.

For the numerical, most of the students have attempted all questions since there was no negative marking.

Expert’s take: Paper tougher than last, balanced in terms of chapters!

JEE Mentor Harpreet Singh
JEE Mentor Harpreet Singh

“Questions covered were almost from all the chapters of Class 11 and 12 CBSE board. Balanced paper as per students in terms of coverage of chapters. It was tougher as compared to papers held on Feb 24, 2021.

In terms of difficulty – Mathematics was Moderate level while Chemistry was easiest amongst the three subjects. Overall, this paper was of Moderate level.

Mathematics: Moderate level.

Questions were asked from chapters majorly from Co-ordinate Geometry & Algebra. Few numerical-based questions required lengthy calculations. Weightage was given to chapters like vectors, matrices, and complex numbers in algebra.

Physics: Easy to moderate level.

Questions asked from gravitation, current electricity & AC circuits. Few numerical-based questions had lengthy calculations but were easy. Theory based questions from class 12 chapters of NCERT were asked.

Chemistry: Easy level.

Questions covered chapters like chemical kinetics, electrochemistry in physical chemistry, and organic chemistry was given more weightage. Inorganic chemistry had mostly questions from NCERT.”

JEE aspirants’ speak:

Jayesh Mulchandani:

Indore: Students, experts open up on difficulty level of JEE Main 2021

“The paper was between moderate to difficult. Since I had not prepared well as it was the first attempt, I found the paper quite tough. The Mathematics section was quite time-consuming and most difficult and Chemistry was the easiest section. Physics was of moderate difficulty.”

Tanishq Kekre:

Indore: Students, experts open up on difficulty level of JEE Main 2021

“The paper seemed tricky at once so it was important to keep calm and continue solving questions. Difficulty level of the paper was pretty accurate according to what I'd practiced in the NTA mock tests.

Maths: Weightage of some chapters was not as expected. But the paper covered almost all the topics.

Chemistry: It was solely based on NCERT. The Weightage of physical and organic chemistry was more than that of inorganic chemistry.

Physics: Majority of questions were from class 11th physics and modern physics.

The choice in integer type questions made it easy for me to attempt question in all 3 subjects.”

Aryan Jain:

Indore: Students, experts open up on difficulty level of JEE Main 2021

“It was my first attempt of JEE. Few questions of chemistry were direct from NCERT. Physics was of moderate difficulty and questions were equally distributed from 11th and 12. Maths section was tougher as compared to both, as questions were tricky and lengthy.”

Yash Jewalkar:

Indore: Students, experts open up on difficulty level of JEE Main 2021

“The paper was too unexpected. It was a blend of tough and easy. Some parts were easy, while some were extremely difficult. I have prepared for this day for a very long time, attempting several mock tests and previous year's question papers. So, I had an idea about the pattern of questions.

In Mathematics, most questions were from class XI and out of them, 2 to 4 were from coordinate geometry. Coordinate geometry is a lengthy topic. Some questions of moderate difficulty were asked from integral.

In Chemistry, I found inorganic chemistry difficult. It was hard to recall the facts for answering the questions.

Physics had some easy questions along with difficult ones. Questions from some chapters like NLM and Kinematics were not asked. These topics are my strong suits! Overall, the paper went well and I will cover up for my shortcomings in next attempt.”

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