Indore: Science exhibition organised for students

Indore: Celebrating National Science Day, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology organised a science exhibition for school students. The exhibition showcased working models based on magnetic technology. This year, theme of National Science Day 2019 is, ‘Science for people and People for Science’.

“Today’s life cannot be without magnetics. Rapid advancement in today’s life is mainly governed by advanced magnetic,” head of Magnet Technology Division RS Shinde said. As a part of public outreach programme, scientists gave live demonstration of following magnetic exhibits. 1) Normal conducting maglev train working model: A working model of bullet train that runs 300 kilometres per hour, its track is made up of permanent magnets. Propulsion is provided by linear induction motors placed on the track. Aluminum plate on bottom of engine acts as rotor and coils as stator.
2)Demonstration on prototype hyper loop magnet train working model: Super fast transportation – 1200 km/hr (passive magnetic levitation): Aeroplane speed on the ground. This is the first prototype hyper loop train working model developed at AMTD, RRCAT.

The hyperloop system consists of fast-moving vehicles, called pods that levitate inside a vacuum tube. The air pressure inside these tubes is reduced to just 0.1% of earth’s atmosphere, which minimises air resistance and allows them to reach speeds of up to 1,200 kilometers per hour.

Indore: Science exhibition organised for students

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