Indore: Adding a dash of colour, three Macaws reach city zoo

Indore: It was a colourful day at city zoo, as three Macaw parrots finally arrived at Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya from Bangalore and Aurangabad on Friday. They arrived after a long delay as the driver who was bringing them was suspected of having Covid-19.

Two Blue-Gold Macaws and a Green-winged Macaw reached the city zoo at 3.30 pm, and were taken to a ‘quarantine ward’.

Indore: Adding a dash of colour, three Macaws reach city zoo

Macaws were kept in quarantine as per the protocol to check for any kind of infection. After the completion of quarantine, it will be established that the birds are healthy and safe.

Only after it is established, the birds will become a part of the bird aviary for visitors.

Nand Kishore Reddy, bird expert at city zoo and in-charge of bird aviary, said, “At present there are about 400 birds of 30 species.”

To add more species and specimens, three pairs of birds were brought from Bangalore. The first one is a Blue and Gold Macaw, which is already present in the aviary.

Further, a pair of Green Winged Macaw is a new and one of the striking additions to the aviary.

Apart from this, a pair of African Grey Parrot is already a part of bird aviary. City zoo plans to add two more of them to the aviary.

The bird aviary is built at 980 sq ft in the zoo. The cost of preparing this bird aviary is about Rs 1.5 crore.

The long-tailed colourful macaws were expected to reach Indore on Sunday. Then due to delay, their arrival was expected on Tuesday.

Further, their arrival was delayed owing to Covid-19 restrictions at the state border of Maharashtra.

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