Rajasthan: Teacher raises COVID awareness through game of snakes and ladders

Jaipur: A government school teacher from Rajasthan's Jalor district is spreading awareness among children about COVID-19 related 'dos and don'ts' through a game.

The teacher has made a game of snakes and ladders that educates and informs the children about the dos and don’ts related to Covid-19. His focus is on rural areas where the means of awareness is not enough.

"Children need to be taught about the protocol of Covid-19 so that they can be prevented from the predicted 3rd wave. They are aware in cities as it has affected cities mostly till now, but this is not the case in villages as people still are not very cautious in rural areas, so to make children aware, I found the game of snakes and ladders most effective as it is very common and easy to play", said Sandip Joshi, the teacher who made COVID awareness game.

Joshi told that all the Do’s of Covid-19 protocol are used as ladders and all Don’ts are represented by snakes in the game. "Like the use of a mask will give you a ladder but the snake- a don't- will bite if one shakes hands with others. The biggest ladder is used to promote Yoga and the biggest snake represents non vaccinated family members. Thus apart from COVID appropriate behaviour, it tells the importance of Yoga and vaccination also", Joshi added.

Joshi is posted in a government school in the Jalor district of Rajasthan and has printed 5000 copies of the game with the help of his friends and is distributing it to the children with the help of other teachers.

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