New Delhi : Former Supreme Court judge Justice Markandey Katju refuses to call Pakistan a country, asserting that “Pakistan is a fake, artificial entity, created by the British through their agents, the rascals Gandhi and Jinnah, on the basis of the bogus two nation theory, and is bound to be reunited with India one day under a secular govt; we are really one country.”

He wants to say all this on the land of Pakistan. He was responding to a Pakistani girl, Jasmine Afridi, writing to him that Pakistan does not have much openness to speak frankly but “at forums like Aga Khan University, you can say almost anything.” He wrote back what he would say if invited by the university, stressing that “I am willing to come to Pakistan on condition I am allowed to speak freely whatever I want.”

Justice Katju starts off with his view on Pakistan and then goes on to what he would like to say: “All religions, including Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are false and superstitions, and the truth lies in science, which is not something final and complete as religious books such as Quran claim to be, but is constantly developing. “Most politicians in India and Pakistan, and all religious extremists, whether Hindu or Muslim, must be summarily and publicly executed like mad dogs.

“Feudal reactionary laws, such as Sharia, must be immediately abolished and replaced by a uniform civil code for all religions.

“Burqa and hijab must be immediately abolished. This is a feudal practice denigrating women, and must be crushed with an iron hand,” he said.

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