Explained: Why is there a demand for ban on halal meat in Karnataka?

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Representational image | Photo: Pexels
Representational image | Photo: Pexels

After the hijab row and a call for a ban on Muslim merchants in temple fairs, the right-wing groups are now demanding ban on halal products in Karnataka. A social media campaign is going on to boycott the purchase of meat from Muslim traders in the southern state.

Hindu Jagruthi Samithi, Srirama Sene, Bajrang Dal and other right-wing groups have called for the removal of halal certification from the signboards of meat selling shops. They have also urged Hindus not to buy meat that is halal cut. Instead, they have advised the Hindus to buy meat that is cut as per the Hindu traditional method called 'Jhatka'.

Pramod Muthalik, Founder of Sriram Sene on Wednesday said that halal cut meat should be boycotted in the state as well as the whole country. "The money given for halal products is used for anti-national activities. The money collected here will be used to bring out jailed criminals of terrorist organisations."

"One of the Popular Front of India (PFI) leaders got Rs 15 crore transferred to his account during the Shaheen bagh protest. Akbar and Aurangzeb (Muslim kings who ruled India) had taxed Hindus," he added.

Halal food is "economic jihad": BJP gen secy C T Ravi

BJP national general secretary CT Ravi on Tuesday likened halal food with "economic jihad".

"Halal is an economic jihad. It means that it is used like a jihad so that Muslims should not do business with others. It has been imposed. When they think that halal meat should be used, what is wrong in saying that it should not be used?" Ravi told reporters.

He said the halal meat offered to 'their God' is dear to them (Muslims) but for Hindus, it is somebody's leftover. He also said that halal has been designed in a planned way so that the products should be purchased only from Muslims and not others.

"When Muslims refuse to buy meat from Hindus, why should you insist on Hindus to buy from them? What right people have to even ask this?" Ravi sought to know.

To a query on boycotting halal meat, the BJP leader said such trade practices are not one-way traffic but two-way. If Muslims agree to eat non-halal meat, then these people (Hindus) will also use halal meat, he added.

HD Kumaraswamy asks Hindu youths not to "spoil" the state

Former Chief Minister and JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy denounced such trends and asked Hindu youths not to "spoil" the state, which is a "garden of racial peace and faith" "I want to ask the government where you want to lead this State to. With folded hands I ask Hindu youths not to spoil the State," Kumaraswamy said.

Reminding those inciting people that they would not be in the world forever, he said they should not ruin the peace and harmony in Karnataka.

He appealed to the youths to shun those who disturb peace as there would be difficult days ahead.

The JD(S) second-in-command held Congress accountable for the rise in communal politics.

"Congress brought such a government in the State. Now, Congress calls the BJP government immoral. Who's responsible for it? Neither the JD(S) nor H D Kumaraswamy is responsible for the current situation. Because of the tortures of Congress, people of the State are suffering," Kumaraswamy alleged.

Govt will look into 'serious objections' to halal meat: Karnataka CM

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Wednesday said the state government would look into the "serious objections" raised over halal meat.

The Chief Minister also said as far as his government is concerned there are "only wings of growth", and no right-wing or left-wing.

"It (halal issue) has just now started. We have to study in entirety, because it has nothing to do with any rules. It is a practice which was going on. Now, serious objections have been raised regarding it. We will look into that," Bommai said in response to a question on the government's stand on the halal issue.

"We will make our stand known later. Various organisations will be doing their own campaigns, we know what to respond to and what not to. Where it is required, we will respond. We don't (respond), when it is not required," he said when asked to give clarity on a campaign to boycott halal by Hindu organisations.

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Published on: Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 06:54 PM IST