Dear Covidiots and Anti-Maskers, I have survived COVID-19, please keep your theories where the sun doesn’t shine

It’s been two months since I was diagnosed with COVID-19, and now it seems that it was the least of my concerns. Nothing beats covidiots and their faux crusade touting the deadly pandemic as a pharma scam.

I have come across a plethora of videos across the globe where anti-maskers are demanding their right to breathe.

I call it pure b***s***.

As a COVID-19 survivor, I have experienced a tremendous amount of pain, physical and mental, while being treated for the same over a period of 14 days.

Not to mention, the aftereffects that showed up a month after being out of quarantine.

Swollen face, rashes, loss of appetite, persisting weakness, difficulty to breathe even without a mask and intense hair fall.

Coming to the morons who made a video on Independence Day claiming that masks take away your freedom to breathe, is why I am compelled to call out the stupidity behind this move.

The youngsters in this video, have campaigned that the COVID-19 virus is made of up nanoparticles and can easily seep through the masks making one fall prey to it.

They also suggest that a person is breathing carbon dioxide which is exhaled but trapped inside the mask.

There is enough evidence that countries that exercised the use of masks were able to flatten the curve substantially as compared to those that didn’t enforce it.

COVID-19 is currently on the research stage, and masks have proven to be effective in preventing the risk of contracting it at large.

Of course, there is no way to guarantee that one will never get infected, but that does not mean we give up the fight without even picking up our weapons.

It is just like cholesterol, wherein a person takes adequate medicine, keeps their diet in check in order to prevent a heart attack, but there’s no way to determine when it will occur.

Doctors who put an entire PPE kit are probably laughing at the juveniles who think of themselves as experts unraveling a conspiracy behind this outbreak.

By all means, it is their prerogative to do so, but not by risking their lives and those around them.

Not to mention, if these idiotic beings get infected, they’re only going to add to the existing burden of patients being treated at hospitals and facilities.

In my opinion, if people are confident of surviving this pandemic without a mask, they should voluntarily serve at COVID-19 centres, without any protective gear of course. The world will be indebted to them.

As for your independence and freedom from masks, there is no comparison when it comes to being held captive in a quarantine facility away from home, with one washroom, limited meals, a heavy dose of medicines, watching people die and mourn as they succumb to this virus.

Beat that b****! Period.

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