Congress IT cell targets wrong Arnab on Twitter after journalist's Sonia Gandhi comments
Congress IT cell targets wrong Arnab on Twitter after journalist's Sonia Gandhi comments

Republic TV editor Arnab Goswami has been on target for Congress after he alleged that he was attacked by goons of interim party president Sonia Gandhi. From trending hashtags like #DramaBandKarArnab to #ArnabVirus, the party enthusiasts on Twitter have left no stone unturned to make it the most trending topic in India.

This comes after Goswami accused Gandhi of being silent on the mob lynching incident which took place in Maharashtra's Palghar on the night of April 16. He said that she would not have remained silent if Christian padres would have been the victims.

However, the chaos led many to tag the wrong Arnab on the micro blogging platform. Instead of Arnab Goswami, netizens targeted author Arnab Ray. The novelist took to Twitter and clarified this by sharing some tweets. He wrote, "Shame on Congress IT cell for not knowing the difference between Goswami and Ray. For a party that is run on a last name and nothing else, I expected better." "I dont know what the nation wants to know, but I am not Arnab Goswami", added Ray.

For those unversed, Arnab Goswami is not on Twitter.

Goswami on Thursday shared a video alleging that he and his wife Samyabrata Ray, were attacked by goons by Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi. "Two people have been arrested for attacking Arnab Goswami and his wife. The FIR has been registered at the NM Joshi Marg Police station under Sections 341 and 504 of the Indian Penal Code," Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Zone 3, Avinash Kumar told ANI.

Goswami in his complaint to the police has alleged that he and his wife were attacked by Youth Congress workers when they were driving back home from the Republic TV Headquarters in Worli.

"At around 12:15 am, when we reached Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, two men on a bike followed our car and tried to overtake it. These 2 men first tried to identify who was driving the car. They stretched out their arms, pointed their fingers at me and then blocked the path of my car with their two-wheeler," he said in the complaint.

"The pillion rider hit the right side driver window several times and then, these attackers realised that the car window was up and they couldn't break through and immediately the pillion rider removed a bottle from his pocket and threw liquid all over the car on the driver's side of the car where I was sitting. All through, both were shouting and abusing in Hindi while making violent gestures," read the complaint.

The senior journalist said that the attackers were later apprehended by the Mumbai Police.

Goswami stated that Shivaji Hosmani, who is deputed for his personal protection informed him that "the attackers had identified themselves as members of the Youth Congress who had been sent by higher-ups to teach me a lesson".

Goswami claimed that he had to make "multiple requests" to get an FIR registered regarding the incident.

"Congress leader Alka Lamba tweeted 'Yuva Congress Zindabad' using her verified social media handle. This celebration of the attack on me further reinforces my belief that this attack on me and my wife Samyabrata Ray has been orchestrated by Sonia Gandhi and her close circle of Congress leaders at a time when we have raised serious questions about her accountability in several cases, including the attack on Hindu monks in Palghar on 16th April," Goswami stated.

He also alleged that there is "considerable" evidence that top Congress leaders have been carrying out an attempt to incite towards a "violent attack" on him and the Republic Network.

"Senior Congress leaders, in fact, have suggested the 'modus operandi' of the attack on me. So it cannot be a coincidence that a physical attack on me follows a series of threatening and violence laced comments by leaders loyal to Sonia Gandhi," read the complaint.

The journalist stated that a "series of orchestrated" FIRs have been filed against him for asking questions directly from the Congress interim chief on her silence on the Palghar issue.

"As journalists, personally we will not be cowed down by such assaults and my team at Republic are determined to ask the question that make the Vadra Congress and Sonia uncomfortable, like we do, of all. I hope this matter will not be covered up and investigated and I'm ready to cooperate to follow up in any way. I would also like to place on record that if there is any untoward incident or harm to me or those associated with me, I will hold Sonia Gandhi and the Vadra family personally responsible given the history of their malice and violence towards me and my team," the complaint said.

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