Chhattisgarh organizes citizens’ jury 'Janta Ka Faisla', range of issues impacting migrant workers to be discussed

Raipur: Chhattisgarh is going to organize a unique deliberative democracy process in Raipur over the next five days, called as “Janta Ka Faisla”. This is the first time that a citizens’ jury of migrant workers is being organised in India. As an important “source state” of migrant workers, it is apt that this event is happening in Raipur. “Janta Ka Faisla” is a citizens’ jury on a range of issues impacting migrant workers. It is being organised under the joint banner of National Foundation of India, Socratus Foundation and Chaupal from 11th to 15th of July 2021 at Pastoral Centre in Raipur, said Biraj Patnaik, Executive Director, National Foundation for India while addressing media at Raipur Press club on Sunday

During the Corona pandemic and the tragedy that unfolded due to the pandemic and the lockdown, one of the communities that was most adversely affected is migrant workers. Migrant workers and their families experienced unconscionable hardships, said Gangaram Paikra, President of Choupal.

It is estimated that around 10 to 12 crore migrant workers were adversely affected, lost their jobs, sources of their livelihoods, and many untimely deaths reported. Indians saw the heart-wrenching images of thousands of these workers walking hungry and thirsty in the harsh summer, for hundreds of kilometres to reach back home, during last year’s lockdowns, he added.

Many met with untimely deaths under inhuman conditions. Most lost their employment and jobs. The tragedy led to lakhs of lives being devastated. The visuals of the hardships of fellow citizens so much shamed the nation.

The pandemic exposed the gap between policy makers and common people. The system which was created to handle the crisis was spotted itself in crisis, said Devjit Mitra, Director Socratus.

Hence, it was time to make change in the ways of policy framing and the way it was formed. Here, in the case of migrant workers an attempt will be made to make reform in the way of policy framing. The representative of migrant workers who suffered the most head the whole four days program as citizens jury.

Here, the policy makers and other stakeholders present their view point about the policy made for migrant labourers, these include the top government officials, experts from civil societies, industry market and others.

However, at the end the verdict of the citizen jury will be final. The impact of the decision of the jury will be reflected in the policies, laws and schemes, added Devjit.

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