Daily Horoscope for Thursday, April 14, 2022, for all zodiac signs by astrologer Nilikash P Pradhan

Want to know what's in the store for you, and find out what your sun sign says about the day that will be? Read on our Daily Horoscope by Nilikash P Pradhan.

Nilikash P Pradhan | Updated on: Thursday, April 14, 2022, 01:08 PM IST



Political influence will help you to get project for business.

Finance: Some sudden financial gains is on the cards.

Career: Your working life will be demanding, but not worrisome.

Domestic and love life: Conflicts or quarrels with loved ones is a possibility today.

Health: Tension may vanish.

Lucky number: 7

Lucky Colour: Yellow


All your hard work done in the past will be paid off.

Finance: Partnership for short-term contacts will be beneficial.

Career: Stay in good books of your bosses. Litigation will end in your favour.

Domestic and love life: Your relationship with elder siblings will improve.

Health: Eating fruits and vegetables is advisable. Stay away from any sort of oily food.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky Colour: Chrome Yellow


Try not to be too obsessive over all rules, given you could overdo things.

Finance: You may find yourself guilty of buying things you don’t need, so try to stay away from it.

Career: It is likely to be a hectic day but you will accomplish more if you work on your own.

Domestic and love life: Improvements to your home life, family, and basic psychological foundation are in focus.

Health: Health of your mother needs to be supervised.

Lucky number: 4

Lucky Colour: White


There will be a rise in status. Students will show good progress.

Finance: You may finalise your deals and concentrate on more profitable margins.

Career: Those working in the field of public life can achieve favourable results. A career change is likely

Domestic and love life: Make new friends. This is a good time to involve yourself in social gatherings.

Health: Daily work out will help in boosting your energy levels.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky Colour: Yellow


You are optimistic and will continue to do well.

Finance: You will make money in share market today.

Career: You will arrive to the fence on projects more quickly.

Domestic and love life: You need involvement in your family with full dedication rather than getting involved in others' matters.

Health: You will indulge in more physical activity than usual today.

Lucky number: 15

Lucky Colour: Orange


Those in politics and social sector will be marching ahead with great name and fame.

Finance: As far as money matter is considered, it will be fruitful.

Career: Watch out for new career opportunities.

Domestic and love life: There will be new contacts through social gathering or functions. Romantic relationship will be fine today.

Health: Maintain good diet to control your weight.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky Colour: Blue


This is the time to take big strides towards your future.

Finance: Keep track on your expenses and avoid speculative losses.

Career: You cannot afford to go around offending people and treading on their toes.

Domestic and love life: Some complications are expected in your love life which needs to be tackled diligently.

Health: Avoid visiting the doctor’s chamber frequently. Take extra care in advance.

Lucky number: 14

Lucky Colour: White


You can obtain a prized allocation jointly with others or with people in authority position.

Finance: There will be no more volatility in business profits. Losses in trading stocks or commodity can be recovered.

Career: There may be a raise or a new job offer. Step up when opportunity arises.

Domestic and love life: Sharing of ideas, love, emotions, resources will be your best bet.

Health: There will be a decline in stress levels.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky Colour: Yellow


Chance of foreign tour or distance education is on the cards.

Finance: Long term investment will be beneficial for your future.

Career: Your colleagues will be surprised by some of your quicker moves towards getting new projects for your company.

Domestic and love life: You continue to enjoy special moments with family and friends.

Health:- Keep a regular check on your day to day life.

Lucky number: 15

Lucky Colour: Orange


Political leaders will have a good time. You will gain special recognition among people.

Finance: Save some money for your future needs.

Career: Business owners and impresarios might get complete support from their business partners.

Domestic and love life: Support from other members in house will help you to sort issues at home.

Health: Those suffering from any major illness may now see good improvement.

Lucky number: 24

Lucky Colour: Sky Blue


Many new experiences will strengthen your faith.

Finance: You might not be doing great in the financial department, but you have to think positively.

Career: Your career will take an interesting twist. Fame won’t heal you.

Domestic and love life: Property matters and discussion may take a toll or increase stress today.

Health: Be patient and avoid consumption of salt in your food. Enjoy every moment of life.

Lucky number: 7

Lucky Colour: White


You will define and redefine your own life.

Finance: Engineers or people in technical sector will have a rise in income.

Career: Responsibilities of more projects will be placed on your shoulders in politics and social work sector.

Domestic and love life: There will gathering parties or get-together with friends and loved ones.

Health: Keep your blood pressure levels under control by practicing yoga and being on a proper diet.

Lucky Colour: Light Yellow

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