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Quick Hangover Fixes


We all, have been there and done that! Partied hard the previous night with unlimited booze, only to wake up with a pounding headache and wondering about last night. While the movie – The Hangover was a hilarious, a real hangover isn’t as much fun. It is that time of the year when every overworked Mumbaikar wants to let their hair down and lower their inhibitions. Bringing out the fun loving side of them out of the closet and masquerading as complete clowns. They are allowed to as they deserve take a break, from toiling in the city of dreams.

Friends and Acquaintances try and give out well meaning advice and remedies, though they tend to back fire, examples such as a warm coffee and cold shower and the hair of the dog (a reference to continue drinking) come to mind. Here are some quick fixes which will put you out of your misery. Revelers’, read on.

Before heading out


 An essential tip is to be aware of how much alcohol you consume on the night of the occasion. Before heading out you can fill in milk or a milk shake or indulge in a yummy yogurt.

Never, ever drink on an empty stomach. You are inviting trouble; you can fill up on bread or sample cheese, have biscuits with milk or even have a yummy yogurt. Crackers or greasy food such as burger and pizzas may also work during the party


The Morning After

The morning after the deed is done and you are experiencing an excruciating headache, please don’t reach out for that aspirin or any other medication. You may believe that it will help; you will risk getting an irritable stomach as it will upset it further. You must instead whip a breakfast of eggs, with bacon if you prefer. Having some wholegrain toast on the side will benefit you too. Hydrate your system with a glass of orange juice or the fruit itself might   energies you.


Water , what about it?

An essential thing to do would be to monitor how well you hydrate yourself the following day, as water and fluids generally cleanse your system by flushing out the toxins. It helps in clearing out the residual alcohol if any, from accumulating as it all goes down the drain. Coconut water, lemon water with a pinch of sugar and salt and even Tomato based products like ketchup or tomato juice may prove useful.

Ginger, a great boon

tea ginger herbal tea drink lemon cup of tea aroma relaxation cold food exotic health spice green green tea tune tuber medicine celebratory tea leaf wellness well-being diet diet lemon balance enjoyment medicine healthy slice

Making a glass of ginger tea can subdue the effects of the hangover as effectively. Ginger helps in getting rid of nausea from a night out. To make ginger tea, cut up ginger root and boil it in water.

Sleeping in

If you are not working the following day and once you have tried all the possible remedies out there; you might consider to go back to bed. A hangover isn’t caused by lack of sleep, but it makes matters worse.

The Best Advice

Finally, the best advice we can give the party animals, who want to paint the town red is this – Pace Yourself. It is that simple silly, be responsible and don’t drink too much. Ladies be careful, don’t accept drinks from strangers or anyone you might have a suspicion on.

Free Press also wants to remind one and all to not let their celebrations mar or cause harm to others. Be Responsible. Don’t Drink and Drive. Choose a designated driver among friends. After all, tomorrow a new morn awaits you.

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