A total of 543 constituencies, seven phases spanned over a month, millions of voters, India’s battle for the ballot has reached its final stage on Sunday. All eyes are set on May 23 when the results of the Lok Sabha elections 2019 will be declared.

What do the exit polls say?

The exit polls of the biggest election of the country has favoured Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party gracefully.

In terms of number of seats, the BJP is expected to win 19-23 Lok Sabha seats in Bengal and emerge as the largest party in the state, where the TMC could win upto 22 seats. The Congress is likely to win one seat, three less than the 2014 figure. The Left Front is predicted not to win a single seat in Bengal.

Most exit polls predicted a clear majority to BJP-led NDA, some with seeing the party garner over 300 seats, out of total 542 Lok Sabha seats polled. The NDA, according to the exit polls, is also seen making gains in Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

India Today-My Axis and Chanakya exit polls predicted a landslide win for the BJP-led alliance with over 350 seats, while ABP News-Nielsen and Neta-News X said the ruling alliance may fall short of a majority at 267 and 242 seats, respectively.

Exit polls were also divided in their prediction for the most crucial state of Uttar Pradesh with some ABP-Nielsen saying that the BJP’s tally may fall to 22 from 71 while a few others like New 18-Ipsos and News 24-Chanakya tipping its tally over 60 seats.

What are the aspects on which Modi can win?

Talking in terms of work, PM Modi team has been the most successful team to have exhibit their work in an attractive way. The people of the country have no idea what is going but still they have been told that the work is going on. Achievements in defence attacks, space mission, Triple Talaq, section 377, OROP, building the highest statue in India might be some of the key highlights. The most important advantage of BJP government is the weak opposition. That itself has gained PM Modi half the victory.

Challenges that Modi can face:

One of the most important issue the country facing since last few years is employment. His government substituted this topic with romeo squads and other less important topics. Instead of strengthening the Police department they started civil teams to protect girls and prevent rape incidents, which by the way didn’t work too. Farmers issue wasn’t resolved. Petrol prices remained at the peak for all five years. BJP term started with demonitisation which has damaged the business sector a lot. Crime rate has gone up when big shots who had not paid their debts flew away to foreign countries.

Modi can win because a plurality in this country believe he represents it better than any other politician in living memory. That’s why he won in 2014, and that may be why he wins in 2019.