Former chief minister Kamal Nath
Former chief minister Kamal Nath

The Congress leaders in Morena are taking loyalty oaths in front of deity to support party candidates in the upcoming Assembly by elections. This comes at a time when the Congress is facing dissidence within the party, and a number of its leaders have shifted their loyalty. A video showing Congress leaders in presence of former minister Brijendra Singh Yadav taking oath at Ram Janki temple in Morena. In the video the Congress leaders are seen taking oath in the name of Lord Rama to support the candidate selected by AICC. They also took the pledge not to leave the party and provide all possible support to the candidate chosen by the top brass.

The Congress on Friday announced names of 15 candidates for the upcoming by-elections to 27 Assembly constituencies in the state. The party has finalised the candidates for seats mostly falling in Gwalior Chambal region.

The Congress had got the server jolt from the Gwalior Chambal region as their 16 MLAs and ministers from the region had joined the BJP, toppling the Congress government in the state. Now to stop the crossover and ensure their allegiance to the party, the Congress senior leaders are seeking loyalty pledges.

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