Bhopal: In yet another embarrassment to the BJP, an audio clip of former minister and nephew of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee Anup Mishra went viral on Friday. Mishra is being heard saying that he had tried his best to help Congress and that BJP uses its workers and makes them useless. Though BJP leaders haven’t reacted on the said audio yet sources suggest that Mishra will be called for explanation very soon. In over 14-minutes audio clip, Mishra is heard discussing Bhopal, Morena, Gwalior and Guna seats with some Ajay Pal.

Mishra says that he has put in all efforts to make Congress win but the party (Congress) itself is a divided lot. “They have three factions and each does not want Congress to win in another’s area. I want them to win in Morena. Here (Gwalior) we have Digvijaya Singh’s workers but Scindia’s workers are absent. There (Morena) Scindia’s people are present but Digvijaya Singh’s are absent,” said Mishra, adding that Congress should understand that this is a fight of their survival. Mishra, in the audio said that MLA Balvir Dandotiya had supported Congress on his advice because Brahmins were being insulted in BJP.  The person in conversation with Mishra claimed that it was because of him that Pragya Thakur managed to get ticket from Bhopal. He was also heard saying that BJP organizational secretary Ramlal had talked to him. Anup Mishra refused to comment on the said audio clip.