Weather condition are so extreme that commuters take refuge even in smallest of shelter.
Weather condition are so extreme that commuters take refuge even in smallest of shelter.

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): The rain clouds seem to have drifted away. The residents in the state capital are witnessing sticky weather. The clamminess becomes awful between the noon and the evening. If there is no electricity, one is soaked in sweat. Many people bathe themselves twice or thrice in May and June because of the extreme heat then. They rarely do so in July, since the monsoon usually sets in by this time.

This year, however, it has happened otherwise. The monsoon knocked the door of the city in early-June. Yet, it disappeared as swiftly as it came. Now that syrupy weather has gripped the city, the residents are waiting for a good soak. They want to get rid of the stingy weather. However sticky the weather conditions are, the cool gentle breezes blow in the early morning and late at night. It shows the expected rains are about to arrive. The weatherman says it will happen from July 7.

The state capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, experienced a heavy downpour accompanied by a storm on Sunday. Scattered clouds hover over the Bhopal welkins occasionally in the morning and sometimes in the evening. It does not rain, however. Morning walkers are wet in delight, since it is not raining at sunrise. That happened in June. They stopped setting out of their homes at daybreak, partly because of the rain and partly because of the lockdown.

The lockdown has been lifted. The city, too, has hobbled back to normal.

Most of the parks and tourist spots have reopened. For getting wet in the coolness of trees, many residents flock to those parks. Sunday was a little cooler than other days. Yet, many residents had to switch on their air conditioners, as coolers generated only dank heat in this clammy weather.

A moment without a fan means getting drenched in sweat. As well as causing boredom, staying fenced in the four walls of one’s house makes one perspire. People prefer tree shades to their roofs—especially in the morning and in the evening. That shade is better until the second spell of rain knocks at the door. The residents are waiting for it.

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