Bhopal: Fear of death keeps villagers away from getting vaccinated

BHOPAL: More than 10 million people have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in the state. Most of the people vaccinated are from the urban areas, because the residents of the rural areas are still scared of the vaccine. Many people in the rural areas believe that the vaccine causes death. Besides, there a notion among some people that a person is afflicted with Covid-19 after getting vaccinated. Some people even think that the anti-corona vaccine weakens the body.

A resident of Hoshangabad, Mahesh, says that an acquaintance of his has died because of the corona vaccine. He further says that all the family members of his acquaintance were afflicted with the virus, but the only one who died was given the first dose of the vaccine.

Arvind, who lives in a village near the state capital, says that, as he is not suffering from any disease, there is no question of his being vaccinated.

There are many such wrong notions among people in the rural areas about the vaccine. It is because of those beliefs that it will be difficult for the government to speed up the vaccination drive in the rural areas.

Director of AIIMS Sarman Singh says there are many wrong notions about vaccination among the people in the rural areas. Singh says an awareness campaign should be launched so that people in the rural areas come forward for vaccination. Singh further says the cases of Covid-19 have reduced in the urban areas, but they will remain in the rural areas for some more time. The only way to stop the third wave of the pandemic is to vaccinate each person in the rural areas, he says.

A social worker, Ramnaresh, says the people in the rural areas are afraid of getting vaccinated. He says he is trying to convince people for vaccination. Ramnaresh further says that residents in the rural areas think that the vaccination may cause them to fall ill. For that reason, he is trying to make people aware about the importance of vaccination, Ramnaresh says.

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