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BHOPAL: Policemen have not been counselled about the consent form mandatory before Covaxin shots. Most of the policemen have taken it for granted that, when senior police officials have received the shot, Covaxin is mandatory for all. So, they are getting the vaccine shots and juniors have no other option than to fall in line. They seem not to be bothered at all about consent forms and the clauses mentioned therein or the controversies.

However, raising a finger at the consent form, DGP Vivek Johri had commented, “A consent form needs multiple changes. It’s creating confusion; so, many policemen aren’t willing to get vaccinated. For instance, blood pressure patients who take blood-thinning medicines shouldn’t get the shot, but we have no other option than to get the vaccine dose.”

ADG (police) Sai Manohar, too, had commented, “We’ll go with the doctor’s advice as far as preference between Covishield and Covaxin is concerned. The doctor’s advice is the main thing for us policemen.”

Those receiving a dose of Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin have been asked to sign a consent form that assures compensation if any adverse effect related to the vaccine in reported. Recipients of Covaxin need to sign the consent form before being vaccinated as its use has been permitted by the Centre in “clinical trial mode”.

The form reads: “CovaxinTM is being offered under restricted use in an emergency situation and has been permitted in the public interest as a precaution.” It also mentions that the clinical efficacy of the vaccine is yet to be established and it is still in Phase 3 of its trials.

‘Do as your seniors’

"As far as the consent form is concerned, when our senior officials have already received the shots, there’s pressure on others to receive the same dose. So, I received the shot today. No one has counselled us about the consent form and its clauses. Nothing is serious about the consent form," said Jitendra Singh, PTS.

‘Following orders’

"We’ve been asked to get vaccinated, so, naturally, we have to get vaccinated. At office, instructions have been issued for vaccination. We’re getting the shots according to our convenience. We haven’t been counselled in our unit," Arun Singh, police (sports), remarked.

‘No counselling done’

"I haven’t faced any problem after getting the shot. There’s nothing objectionable in the consent form. I’m not alone to have received the shot. No one has counselled us regarding consent form. Everyone is coming and getting the shot," Rajendra Mishra, policeman, said.

‘No need for tension’

"As such, there’s no problem with the consent form. We shouldn’t be under any tension. The consent form isn’t a big deal for us. So, we have received the shot and the entire procedure went off smoothly," said Arun Yadav, constable.

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