Mumbai's Dr Richa Negi talks about viral dance video in PPE suit, volunteering amid COVID-19 pandemic and more
Mumbai's Dr Richa Negi talks about viral dance video in PPE suit, volunteering amid COVID-19 pandemic and more

Mumbai-based doctor and digital content creator, Richa Negi rose to fame after a video of her grooving to Nora Fatehi's 'Garmi' in PPE suit went viral on the internet. The video crossed 2.04 crore views and was shared by actors Varun Dhawan, Nora Fatehi, singer Badshah and even Union Minister Smrti Irani.

The 25-year-old, who works with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), also left Australian cricketer David Warner impressed with her choreography to a Punjabi song.

In an interview with The Free Press Journal, Dr Richa Negi spoke about her decision of volunteering as a frontline warrior amid COVID-19 pandemic, her love for dance and more.

Here are the excerpts:

1. What inspired you take the decision of volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I had already worked in the hospital that I volunteered at and I knew they needed more doctors to help in this situation. I felt that there wouldn’t be a better time to live by my Hippocratic Oath.

2. Has dance always been something you loved? As a kid, did you ever think about making your passion your profession?

Always. I have been dancing ever since I was a kid. It’s such a happy feeling.
Haha as a kid, maybe but I don’t regret choosing medicine as my profession. It defines me now.

3. Tell us more about the viral ‘Garmi’ video. When did you choreograph and record it? Did you ever think it would break the internet like it did?

Never did I think it would break the internet. Unlike every other dance I put so much thought into, this was an impromptu non- choreographed video. I shot it in our changing room, while we were stuffing into our PPE’s. Actually, just kept my phone on the window sill and took a single take video.

4. As a doctor, what was the hardest part of your job during the pandemic?

You would think it’s probably the long hours and staying away from our family, but the worst part is actually seeing the patients suffer so much. Not just as doctors but as humans, we can’t be happy when someone is suffering right in front of us. You form a bond with them, and seeing them suffer every day, well that was the most difficult thing I'd say..!!

5. Has a patient ever recognised you as Richa Negi - the Instagram influencer?

Yes, a few times. It gets a little embarrassing. Then I tell them to speak to me after my work.

6. How do you manage to make time for content creation?

It’s been too hectic, double the efforts because doing post graduation isn’t a piece of cake. I get very less time right now. But, whenever I get free I make sure I go to the studio and shoot because dance is a therapy in it’s own and it helps me get rid of all the stress.

7. Apart from dancing, how else did you manage to stay positive during the lockdown?

Oh, I put out my creative style totally, experimented with so many new recipes, did a whole lot of canvas paintings, read a couple of books.!!!

8. What are your plans for 2021?

2021 my only plan is to grow more as an individual, actually, that’s the only motto I follow each year.

9. You’ve received shout outs from Smriti Irani, Varun Dhawan and other celebrities. Your comments section is also flooded with praises. How does it feel to receive so much love from people?

Oh, it’s the best feeling ever. To know that so many people appreciate you is sometimes really helpful, especially when you face a bad day at work.!!!

And I'm so grateful to everyone who messages or says kind things to me. They make my day a whole lot better.!

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