Poor thing is cursed time and again for no fault of its own.

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ne hell of a careless boss, we donalt39t register what it has done, but clutch tightly to all that it hasnalt39t. And if that wasnalt39t enough, we even blame it for our faux pas.

You donalt39t lack memory. Nobody does. It is how you manage your memory that makes you different from those who you think have been gifted memory by God himself.

Information overload is said to be the biggest modern snag to a terrific memory. Right now, you are probably thinking of how much time you have before you go for the next appointment, what time you need to collect the kids from school, what is the best time to get to the doctor, how the government is eating into your hard earned money. And between all that, you have to squeeze out time to get to the bank before it shuts for the day. You canalt39t expect your memory to keep sane amidst such hullabaloo.

The good news is that you donalt39t need to panic. Vedics, psychologists, ayurvedics say that to keep your memory going is only a matter of healthy habits and regular care. Just like your muscles can be trained to live healthier, so can your memory. Just spend some time with it. Begin here.

Understanding memory Physiological studies say that the pituitary gland in the brain produces three kinds of hormones namely acetyl, colin and dopamine that are responsible for storing and controlling our memory. An imbalance of these hormones because of poor eating and lifestyle habits can cause a lack of constraint- ion, which is necessary for memory retention.

Depending on the type of memory, there are different systems in the body. It could be semantic where you need to remember facts- names, numbers and the repulsive historical dates- or it could be episodic, that is, remembering past experiences of your first ride on the bike, of your childs first step, or of the time when you met that interesting stranger on the train.

The third is the priming memory, an unconscious recollection of visual or auditory cues, which facilitates performance on the basis of having a single prior exposure to stimuli that can enhance it.

A good memory comes from the very conviction that you maintain.

Ever wondered why things that impress us the most are the easiest to remember? Thats because in the process of coding and decoding of information, a lot of details are lost. So things that are prominent or that we really get interested in are the ones that we recall easily.

A change of lifestyle is the primary must- do today since it helps you keep your mind fresh and increasing and its retention capacity.

We know that waking up early in the morning and leading a disciplinary life has helped people in evolving an alert mind. Stress is a household word these days because each of us is doing many things at the same time, a trend being termed as alt39 multi- taskingalt39. This also hampers focussing on one thing because the attention keeps shifting.

Arpita Anand, consultant psychologist at Max Healthcare Centre, says: ” Between ages 25- 45, poor memory has been related to a high degree of stress. The effect is changes in cognitive functions of attention, of trying to do too many things at the same time.” Diligently making lists, marking the calendar, writing things down and using Post- its are always helpful when you are caught up with too many tasks for your mind to manage them all by itself.

alt39 The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memoryalt39 goes an old Chinese proverb.

So if your boss has a habit of writing every single detail to explain things, it is not sissy. That will impress more things on your mind and for a longer period of time, easing out a lot of unnecessary tension.

It is good to keep your mind engaged with mind tricks and mind games to regular

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