Sennheiser Sport True Wireless review: A perfect combination of good audio and comfort

In a market flooded with wireless earbuds, let’s see if at a relatively affordable price, doesn’t Sennheiser Sport True Wireless stay true to marks left by its predecessors or does it tumble?

PriyankaUpdated: Sunday, August 21, 2022, 02:15 PM IST

In a market flooded with wireless earbuds, Sennheiser Sport True Wireless comes as a promising competitor. With great audio quality, deep bass and a variety of other features, Sennheiser’s latest device comes with the hope to become the leading player in the true wireless sports market. Considering the company's reputation precedes itself in this segment, one can only expect its newbie to stand tall. Let’s see if at a relatively affordable price, doesn’t Sennheiser Sport True Wireless stay true to marks left by its predecessors or does it tumble?

Designed especially for fitness enthusiasts, the earbud is the first sporty pair from the brand that comes at a competitive market rate of Rs 10,990, unlike its precursor flagship product that cost Rs 20,000 upwards. The product is identical to Sennheiser CX 400BT apart from the copper logo placed on the top. While the earbuds are aesthetically pleasing thanks to its matte black finish, the plastic-built case lacks the premium touch.

The pair lacks a list of features to brands like One Plus and others in the market but easily surpasses them in supreme audio quality. The earbud’s fit makes it your perfect workout or jogging partner as they slip comfortably into the ears enhancing your exercise and music experience.

The IP54 dust and waterproof feature makes sure that the device survives better both indoors and outdoors (be it gymming, hiking or trekking). Having used it during an intense workout myself, the earbuds do brilliant work in staying intact while letting you continue with your physical activity. Even when sweating, the device continues to perform without impacting its performance. They come with multiple ear tips and silicon wings catering to every individual's needs. Few brands focus on this, which makes Sennheiser ahead of its competitors.

Though the earbud lacks noise cancellation, they try to make up with dubbed Adaptable Acoustic. While the latter doesn’t make up for the original, Sennheiser Sport True Wireless tries to fulfil the gap with other quality and features. The earbud also supports different audio files which many brands miss out on.

It has an open and close ear adapter - the first one minimises the sound of the atmosphere while the other keeps you aware of the surroundings. The EQ feature lets you play around with the sound. The bass and mids of the device let you enjoy the detailing of the beats and frequency.

Talking about the much-used microphone, you can hear the caller’s voice crisp and clear. But if you are in a crowded area there might be some distortion but nothing that you can’t manage. The battery life of the device is a high point with a run time of nine hours in one charge and 27 hours in the charging case. In case you feel that’s just what the brand promises, having used it personally at the conservative volume of 65 the device runs unstoppable for more than eight hours.

In all, this device is the perfect launch in Sennheiser's high-end flagship product providing quality at a mid-level range. Considering its audio quality, bass, and battery life - this is one of the best buys at around Rs 10,000.


For fitness enthusiasts, Sennheiser Sport True Wireless fulfils all their needs. Be it following an intense workout session or just having your usual run, the earbuds stay intact and secure within the ear. What lacks is an ANC, which would have transformed the experience. However, keeping true to its quality, Senheisser yet again excels in audio and bass - winning our ears with level and detailed music.


  • IP54 water and dust resistance

  • A top-notch sound quality

  • The best in town in terms of bass

  • EQ adjustment

  • Good battery life

  • Reliable connectivity

  • Comfortable


  • No active noise cancellation

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