Ram Rajya: A reality, not a myth

-- Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

A society or nation is made up of individuals, and the character of those persons defines the society or nation. It is on this basis that society is known as Ram Rajya or its opposite i.e Ravan Rajya. Ram and Ravan personify the qualities of people in Ram Rajya and Ravan Rajya, respectively. These contrasting qualities have been described at length in the Bhagavad Gita as Daivi Sampada (divine nature) and Asuri Sampada (demonic nature). The 16th chapter of Gita lists the divine and demonic traits and urges eradication of the latter and cultivation of divine qualities.

According to Gita, lust, anger and greed are the three gates of hell, and hence it urges one to abandon them. One who is liberated from these three vices has the path to salvation cleared for him. So, how does one get liberated from these vices and imbibe divine virtues? The only way souls can become pure in this present iron age is by linking up with the Supreme Source of all virtues, who is known as “Supreme Soul”.

Through this link, they can draw power and virtues that will enrich and strengthen them and take them beyond negative influences. When a person gets filled with these virtues, they are reflected in his words and actions. And when a critical number of individuals transform themselves in this way, social transformation takes place making way for Ram Rajya.

That day is not far when we would see a world where every being would be divine and would co-exist in harmony with nature, there will be no form of violence, be it physical, mental or emotional and every person will enjoy perfect health, natural beauty, and a long lifespan free from sickness and untimely death.

One would say, is this all a myth? Not really. We need to understand that Ram Rajya or the new world is the harvesting period for the fruits of the pure actions that are performed by us in the present age that we call Iron Age. Once we conquer the vices such as lust, ego and attachment we regain our original divine nature and it helps transform the entire world into a new divine world.

So, do not ever think that Ram Rajya is a myth. It's indeed a reality that’s as close as tomorrow.

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