Karma Konnect: Do soulmates exist? Here's what our Karma expert has to say

Kushagra Patwa | Updated on: Saturday, April 30, 2022, 11:36 PM IST


I recently moved out of my house. Currently, I’m staying in a hostel. The reason for my move out was my father. We’ve been falling out every other day. Things went downhill when he sent my sister abroad for studies. I was set to go too but he didn’t have money to send me. I couldn’t understand because we are doing well. Since then I’ve been feeling resentful up to the point that I couldn’t stand him. Is it Relationship or Ego Karma?

The Relationship Karma is creating these judgements. You are judging your father as unfair and triggering your Ego Karma, which is making you feel resentful. This in turn is also strengthening the Relationship Karma between you and your father for the next births, creating a cycle of suffering. To get yourself out of this cycle, ask yourself why do you want to go abroad for studies? Is it just because your sister went? Once you find the truth behind this desire, you will either let it go or make it come true, no matter the nature of the obstacles; instead of suffering in the web of these Karmas.

We recently moved to a new office. It’s quite good compared to our previous one. We have better amenities here. But why do I not feel at ease in such a spanking new place? Sundays are dreadful because I come early to the office and my colleagues come late. I’m in an empty office for almost three hours and it scares me to even go to the loo. I always feel I’m being watched. A relative of mine said it’s the Vastu. Do the energies of places affect us?

Everything including us in the universe radiates electromagnetic energy. Hence, it stands to reason that the energy of everything like stars, places, people, etc., affects our sheath of electromagnetic energy. Think of this energy sheath like a muscle. The stronger it is, the lesser will the impact caused by outside forces. Vastu is a way of setting a place in a way that makes these energy interactions harmonious. Another way to create such conditions is havans. You can try Vastu, havan or more. However, as Karma Yogis, we work on making our energy sheaths so strong that these energy interactions are always harmonious. 

I believe in soulmates and have been dreaming of finding ‘the one’. After yearning for more than 20 years, I am still single and looking. Do soulmates even exist?

A soulmate is someone who interacts with your soul or core energy. In a way, every interaction or connection across births will fall under the category of interacting with our core energy. With every connection, we form Relationship Karma. Some interactions last longer and, hence, the Relationship Karma is stronger and it keeps getting compounded across births. Now, in the chase of finding ‘the one’ in this birth, we don’t enjoy the ‘now’. If we are truly living in the moment, then every interaction with every connection will be as fulfilling as a supposed soulmate. To reach that state, first, we have to truly connect with our soul and core energy. Once we are truly connected with our core energy, anyone and everyone can be our soulmate. 

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Published on: Sunday, May 01, 2022, 07:00 AM IST