Immunity…A Perfect Self Defense: N J Reddy, founder of Yoga Prana Vidya Sadhana

Combined with physical exercises can give great benefit in strengthening the immune system and fighting the disease. A person with fever also can sometimes do few minutes of physical exercises. In case that is not possible, breathing exercise can be done.

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Shri N J Reddy | Facebook
Shri N J Reddy | Facebook


Today I got a chance to interact with the Founder of Yoga Prana Vidya, Shri N J Reddy, Veteran Wing Commander IAF. I asked him some complex questions, but he made them sound so simple. Putting here and in the next few sessions some of the excerpts of this discussion.

Q- Sir, Time and again World has seen many virus outbreaks. How can an individual protect oneself and also help recover better from it if infected?

NJR- The human body is capable of healing itself. All that we call life or bio is capable of healing on its own. If the immune system is compromised or weak, one can contract any infection. You must look for preventive measures to sustain, maintain and improve the immune system. Even if infected, working on strengthening the immune system along with other treatments can help with accelerated recovery.


Using Yoga Prana Vidya, which is an integrated holistic approach and complementary to other healing modalities, we can strengthen the immune system in various ways. These are some natural and simple techniques:

1. Physical Exercises: Most important is simple physical exercises. Physical exercises, for even few minutes increase the circulation and strengthen the immune system.

2. Breathing Exercise: The other important simple technique is the rhythmic deep abdominal breathing, also known as Rhythmic Yogic Breathing (RYB). This breathing exercise increases the utilization of the lung capacity by three to four times. Which means oxygenation of blood and de-toxification of blood is enhanced by three to four times.

This combined with physical exercises can give great benefit in strengthening the immune system and fighting the disease. A person with fever also can sometimes do few minutes of physical exercises. In case that is not possible, breathing exercise can be done.

There are other benefits of RYB. It helps in balancing emotions, regulating the mind and increasing the energy level. This further enhances the body’s innate ability to heal itself. This we will discuss in our future sessions in detail.

3. Diet: Third natural method is connected with diet. Fruit diet is the best diet. Fruits are like pre-cooked and mostly pre-digested. Thus, they do not need much energy for digestion. They have bio or life energy, apart from natural nutrients and vitamins, which are not available in cooked food.

In short, it is a diet provided by God. Those who have any infection or ailment, must take only fruit diet. Others must take only fruits, as one of the meals in a day. This will enhance the immune system and also reverse many chronic issues and ailments.

One should not forget about sufficient consumption of water as our body is composed of more than two thirds of water.

4. Super Brain Asana: Apart from the above, Super Brain Asana upgrades the brain; balances Intuitive and Mental intelligence; brings brain waves to Alpha state (stress free state) and strengthens the physical body if practiced regularly.

A peaceful and emotionally balanced condition also enhances the immune system.

5. Forgiveness: Forgiveness is therapeutic. It is therefore a smart thing to do.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The weak cannot forgive, it is the attribute of the strong”.

Therefore, by the practice of Forgiveness Sadhana regularly, one can become stronger and stronger emotionally and mentally.

6. Planetary Peace Meditation (PPM): It is in giving that we receive. By being a channel to Bless, one gets Blessed. By becoming a channel to Bless the Earth with Peace, one will gradually internalize more and more Peace. This can be done by various Prayers, Invocations and Meditations. One such simple and yet powerful Meditation is Planetary Peace Mediation.

All the techniques mentioned above, namely;

1. Physical exercises

2. Super Brain Asana

3. Rhythmic Yogic Breathing

4. Forgiveness Sadhana and

5. Planetary Peace Meditation

are provided for the benefit of all, through our app- YPV Sadhana. You can download it for free from app store or play store and use it. Clear instructions and benefits are mentioned in the app along with guided audio tracks. Try the app to validate yourself. If you find it beneficial, request you to kindly promote it.

Additionally, please utilise our 3 daily Facebook live sessions at: Morning 7.15 AM, Afternoon: 1 PM, Evening 6.30 PM


One last suggestion:

Positive Affirmations make a big difference, if done regularly. They are potent like Mantras. One of the powerful Affirmations: "Every day, in every way, I am becoming better, better and better in all aspects of my Life".

Will discuss further on these and other techniques in future.

All the best wishes.

For more details you can visit YPV healing website.

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