Guiding Light: Yoga for Education

With the advancing technology and the increasing competition, our children/youth seem to have lost their way. Everyone today, thanks to technology, has access to the internet. From a toddler, who loves playing games online, to an adult, who is the consumer of a plethora of data available online. This information can sometimes be overwhelming and may lead to confusion and cluttered thoughts.

Yoga is an ancient tradition known for maintaining a healthy heart, mind, body, and soul. Incorporating yoga into the school curriculum would be ideal. A growing child should be provided with the opportunity to feel good and grounded, even with all the technology surrounding him/her. Since yoga facilitates the healthy functioning of oneself, incorporating it into the school curriculum will help in the child’s academic and personal growth as well.

Yoga is a holistic practice that can benefit everyone's health. Regularly practicing yoga as part of a child's routine will give the child much needed physical fitness. The unique quality of yoga is that the asanas and pranayamas help in maintaining the proper functioning of one's body. If from the very beginning, the child is introduced to the concept of 'meditation' to ground oneself, he/she will be able to become a more holistic individual who not only will be physically fit but also will be mentally sound.

Children in their academic age have a lot to learn and absorb. Their minds must be continually alert for hours on end. With the increasing competition and challenges, the child must be taught the importance of being focused. Technology and everything else readily available has made the young children- restless. This can be challenging to overcome. Through the practice of certain asanas, pranayama, and meditation techniques, one can overcome this restlessness. Yoga enhances one's power and functioning of the mind which helps children gain the art and power of focus. The ability to focus their mind and energy towards that goal is something Yoga can help them build.

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