Guiding Light: Spiritual growth through mistake and forgiveness

Nobody makes a mistake with any deliberate intention to do so. Mistakes are often occurrences born from ignorance, lack of understanding, miscommunication etc. Making a mistake is part of this journey of life. While it is true that there are some mistakes that cause a lot of pain, stress, anxiety, and worry not just to you but also to those close to you, it is important. Mistakes are important because they help us to come to a realisation. We need to learn valuable lessons on this journey of ours. And unless we make mistakes which are not intentional but will surely give us those lessons that we are meant to learn here.

It is only those who are sincere and pure from the hearts that learn from their mistakes. Learning from one's mistake is then a true reflection of a spiritual seeker or someone who is a spiritual practitioner. Forgiveness is another important quality that helps us to learn a lot. Through the process of forgiveness we assist in our own growth. Not only does forgiveness help us to understand much about our own nature but it also helps us to learn about the world that we live in. When we are able to forgive somebody in a situation it allows us to get the clarity of our own vulnerability as a human being. This channels the release of our emotions.

And in this way when we are able to release our emotions we can grow more on the spiritual path that we are on. To further improve the quality of forgiveness within each one of us, we can perform meditation techniques like White Elephant Meditation and Mirror Meditation.

Mirror meditation is also known as Darpan Dhyan is a form of meditation using the mirror where you are able to connect with yourself better and transcend illusions. The technique of White Elephant Meditation you are moving towards the prospect of abundance and moving away from the fear of lack.

(The author is a spiritual yogic master. Founder, chairman and course director of Akshar Yoga, and president of the World Yoga Organisation)

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