Guiding Light: Shiva- The Incorporeal Father of all Souls
Image Source: Pixabay

Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

Truth, someone has said, is stranger than fiction. The saying seems to apply fairly well to Godfather Shiva, the truth personified, whose symbol is Shivlinga and whose divine 'birth-night' is commemorated in India as Shivratri every year. If we ponder over the meaning of 'Shiva', the word means, "One whose every act is aimed at benefaction of mankind". So, undeniably, 'Shiva' is an attributive name of Almighty. 

In Bhagwad Gita, God has said that when righteousness declines and evil is in the ascendant, He descends and takes a supernatural birth to redeem the world and to re-establish Dharma. Shivratri is, in fact, commemorative of that birth. It is celebrated on the 14th dark night of the month of Phagun (Feb - March), every year. Phagun is the last month of the Indian Calendar. So, it is symbolic of God's descent in this world, at the end of every world cycle, i.e., at the end of every Kaliyuga, the allegorical 'Night', when the darkness of ignorance prevails in the world, to re-establish the Golden Age. But this truth about HIS 'divine birth' in the 'Night' also has been lost to mankind in the plethora of myth and fiction that has grown around HIM in the course of time. 

Shiva is the incorporeal Supreme Soul who is the Father of all souls. He imparts the truth about the soul, God, and the Creation and inspires humans to purify themselves by linking their hearts and mind with Him and by doing pure deeds. He does not live, eats, or indulge in sensual experiences as human souls do. He is the one who never comes in the bondage of actions and their fruits.

The Supreme Soul is remembered in all faiths as Shiva, God, Allah, Jehovah, Ishwar and by many other names. He is praised as the Almighty, omnipotent, omniscient being who can liberate human beings from the cycle of sin and suffering.

The best thing to realise is that humans can now experience God's wisdom and blessings as never before because the time has come for HIM to guide the process of the transformation of the world from Kaliyuga to Satyuga. So what are you waiting for? Let’s join HIM and be a part of the great transformation of the old world into the new world.

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