Guiding Light: No place for violence in new India

The recent cases of violence that took place in one of the Eastern States of India, shocked the whole nation and has once again, brought into focus the problem of violence in our society. For a country whose birth was inspired by the concept of nonviolence, it is indeed very sad and shameful to note that violent behaviour in our society, especially among youth is increasing day by day. One, however, feels disappointed to note that even today as ever before, the cases of violence are treated mainly, if not exclusively, as a law-and-order or a security problem and the governments generally take only punitive measures against all such cases.

However, research done by social scientists and psychologists, in our day, on various groups and various cross-sections of the society, both rural and urban, amply suggests that all kinds of violence are, in fact, due to personality disorder. It is now a clear conclusion of this research that a person’s quarrelsome behaviour or his inability to get along with others or his nefarious way of solving his problems by use of force or violence is a kind of deviant behaviour that has to be dealt with at psychological level rather than to be looked upon as a merely law-and-order problem.

We all must realize that good or evil are in fact the traits of the human soul and even after death these traits or sanskars are carried on to the next birth. These sanskars may change or become stronger as per the person’s karma in the next life. Hence, it follows that one may kill an evil person but one cannot destroy the evil in that person. It would instead increase due to feelings of hatred and revenge. Remember! An evil act is bound to be punished as per the Law of Karma in the present or the next birth, because there is a natural justice system that works infallibly and eternally. Hence, one must never think that if someone avenges a wrong by doing wrong in turn, he/she will not suffer.

No! The truth is that in this case, both the persons will have to pay for their respective wrong actions by undergoing some suffering, because any act done with ill will towards others is violence and it is bound to bring sorrow for the doer. Hence, a person may escape the laws of the land but his karma will catch up with him sooner or later for sure.

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