Guiding Light: Meditation - A waste of time

This one calculation, “What will I get out of my meditation?” must be dropped. You don’t have to get anything. You don’t have to benefit from this. Just waste a few minutes every day – just learn to waste some time, that is all. Nothing needs to happen. This is not about becoming healthy or becoming enlightened or reaching heaven – this is just wasting time.

There are so many modern terminologies going around these days, “What is the take-away from today’s sathsang?” If you look for the take-away, you will only take petty things. The real thing will never come with you. If you want the real thing, stop the take-away business. Simply be, nothing needs to happen. If you drop this one calculation –“What can I get?” – in everything in your life, you will become really boundless and absolutely compassionate. There is no other way. You just have to drop this one simple calculation because that is the key to your whole mind and the mental process. That is the key to all the activity that is happening in the mind.

It is because people do not have the necessary awareness to simply be, that an alternative was suggested which is for you to just be in love. Because this is the one state where to some extent – I wouldn’t say all the way – but to some extent you can be without a takeaway. All the talk about developing a deep sense of love or compassion is only towards this, that you are taking away the expectation. By creating a strong sense of emotion towards somebody, “What should I get?” is being removed.

If you drop this one calculation in your life, ninety percent of the work is over; another ten percent will happen by itself. It is like the snakes and ladders game. There are many ladders and many snakes. Up and down journeys will happen, but once you hit the last rung, after that there are no more snakes. You just have to get one and one and one and you are there; there are no more snakes to eat you up. This is just like that. If you just drop this one calculation, after that, no more snakes. It is just a question of time before you get there.

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