Guiding Light: How can I be content?

- Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai

One may ask, ‘I am dissatisfied with everything. What can I acquire that will make me content?’ The saints reply that so long as you think in terms of acquiring, you will not be content. The thought of acquiring itself is the source of discontentment. Contentment lies in celebrating what you have, while discontentmentis a result of desire or greed for what you do not have. Chasing what you do not possess will keep you running around forever, as acquiring everything will never be possible. Discontentment will be the sad story of your life.

Realise that you have been blessed with so much. It is only on account of your greed and ego that you cannot see it. Rejoice and value the life that you have. Be grateful for the many things you have taken for granted. Discontentment will not lead you anywhere. One day death will knock at your door and you will be taken away in the feeling of discontentment. Therefore, awaken! Live with contentment.

Contentment is acceptance

One who is content wonders how he has been blessed with such abundance. He feels he has been granted far more than he deserves. He lives in a feeling of gratitude and this itself is contentment. It is acceptance of what is, and the belief that it is enough. This brings happiness and peace. Each day, every moment, he receives gifts from the Lord as torrents of bliss pouring in his heart.

Acceptance is the spirit of a seeker. He surrenders his life unto God like ablank chequebook with a valid signature at the bottom. He allows God to fill in whatever is necessary for him. He has no choice or desire of his own.

Acceptance is blissful. Nothing external can dampen the bliss. Where there are no pre-conditions or desires like, ‘it would be nice if this happens’, or ‘if that does not happen’, there is no choice. Without choice there are no demands and therefore, no anxiety or fear. The mind has no cause for disturbance. The seeker is at peace with whatever happens. There is no need for him to check whether any event is comforting or distressing. There is a unique indifference towards the event itself. His bliss is not dependent on any person, place or situation because he knows that happiness or sorrow,do not come from the external.

Feeling of gratitude

Man complains only because he is not content with what he has. If he gets hurt and fractures his leg, he complains. If his leg wereso important,one wonders why he failed to thank God when his leg was normal and yet reacts when his leg is injured. One day you are hurt so you complain, and for years, nothing went wrong but there was no expression of gratitude. It appears as though you are determined to remain discontent, sad and depressed. Infinite bliss has been bestowed upon you, but you remain unaware of it. If you cultivate the feeling of gratitude, you will always remain content and happy. Therefore, strengthen the feeling of gratitude.

A spiritual seeker is one whose way of thinking and living has been transformed. In whatever he sees and whatever he gets, his connection with God is not lost.His joy never disappears; instead, it keeps increasing. He does not become depressed. Ever joyful, he is content, satisfied and has no demands. He always feels blessed.

To remain content and happy is an art. It is not a gift from destiny. It is a reward from the Sadguru, the fruit of His grace. It is the result of the practice of His teachings. Whether standing, sitting, eating, drinking, one who can remain content alone receives an open invitation from the Supreme Self.

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