Guiding Light: Can spirituality be taught or is it ingrown?

Spirituality is both ingrown as well as learnt from an outside environment or an external source. First we must understand that the seed of spirituality is already within each one of us. The next step that remains is when the seed of spirituality will burst forth from beneath the soil and sprout into a beautiful tree. And just like any other plant the seed too requires its share of nutrients, sunlight, and water in order for it to grow and bear fruit. The seed of spirituality exists not only within the human race but it also lies inside every single creature on this planet.

The journey ahead is nothing but a demonstration and witness of how we progress on this path. It is the story of how well we nurture the seed and watch it grow, bloom and blossom. To nourish the seed of spirituality we need to create a favourable environment for its growth. By doing so we will be enabling the growth of the seed and hence advance in this path of spirituality.

Along with nourishing this seed from within us, we need to equally also learn how we can protect preserve and cherish it from the outside. Spirituality is a path that is open to every living being on this earth. What remains to be seen is if every single person will take the opportunity to recognise, revive, and push this seed out into the surface with the effort that it takes.

This depends on two important factors which is the free will that we have been blessed with and also our past deeds. The free will that we possess will dictate the road that we choose to take in our lives here. Our spiritual journey depends on the choices that we make which could either be favourable or unfavourable for spiritual growth. This can be done by being mindful about the actions that we take and ensuring that each of our actions will be able to produce productive results for our spiritual growth. In this way, the path of spirituality is both internal and can also be external and these two roads are interlinked leading towards one common destination.

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