Guiding Light: Build your brain, unleash your memory

-- Guru Rudransh

At times we try to recall something but fail to do so. But as we go in solitude and think deeper, we get closer to ourselves, thereby instantly remembering it in a manner like it's happening right away before us. The key here is getting connected to our own self, which is the most essential attribute of our memory power. Remember, getting connected doesn't mean 'Jap' or 'tap', it's about knowing oneself better through keen introspection.

We all have memories and that’s not a physical component of our body. Do you believe that there’s a minute & miniature self of you that is connected not to the body, but the soul? If you think about it, several unanswered scientific and philosophical questions suggest so. Also, our body keeps changing and we can do simple things to enhance our memory power:

Develop concentration:

When you watch a movie in a theatre, you are so engrossed that you forget everything else. And later in life, you can recall the exact way an actor delivered a particular dialogue. That’s how sharp our memory is, and the key here is concentration. It is about doing everything with extreme concentration. To enhance concentration, we can do a breathing exercise. Sit on a mat, focus your attention on the tip of your tongue and listen to your breathing. You will feel the difference.

Delete unnecessary thoughts:

If there's bulk of information on a cellphone, it often begins to hang. You need to delete apps that you don't use, clear cache so that it continues working fine. Same is the case with us. We hold a number of thoughts within ourselves, which restrict us from moving on. Let’s start with getting rid of the thoughts that are no more relevant. Too many thoughts clog the mind. You can initiate a routine life, giving adequate time to yourself. There is a need to bring positivity.

Get closer to nature:

The nature around us is an unseen world for many. We hardly bother to sit beside a flower and just observe it. In the modern lifestyle, we simply fail to devote time around nature, but this is a cause of concern. We may take the aforementioned breathing exercise closer to nature.

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